Love horror films? You came to the right place. Spencer’s is a destination for horror fans all around the world. From Friday the 13th to Return of the Living Dead, we’ve got the best horror movie shirts in the game. Whether you’re already prepping for spooky season and dreaming of the long-awaited return of pumpkin spice-flavored everything, or you’re still lounging on the beach, soaking up every bit of sun possible before the fall chill kicks in, we can all appreciate some killer tee styles reppin’ our favorite horror classics. Make Spencer’s your horror hotspot this Halloween!

Horror Tees:

Characters Killer Klowns from Outer Space T Shirt

Make it clear that you’re the ultimate horror lover by reppin’ everyone’s favorite ‘80s cult classic, Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

This Killer Klowns from Outer Space tee features your favorite blood-hungry alien klowns, Jumbo, Shorty, Rudy, and Spikey, making it perfect for any horror fan.

Camp Crystal Lake Long Sleeve T Shirt – Friday the 13th

The best way to show love for Friday the 13th is by rocking this Camp Crystal Lake t shirt. It features an image of Jason Voorhees rowing a boat and enjoying some nature.

This tee is a perfect addition to any die-hard fan’s wardrobe. If you consider yourself a slasher-master, then getting this top is a must.

Scary Movies and Chill T Shirt – Steven Rhodes

Party with Ghost Face® this Halloween when you rep’ this Scary Movies and Chill tee from Steven Rhodes.

This epic horror movie shirt takes a fun spin on a classic meme and adds some killer style to any horror lover’s wardrobe. Nothing says Halloween like the iconic Steven Rhodes.

Halloween Safety T Shirt – Steven Rhodes

Who better to promote Halloween safety than Michael Myers? Show love for John Carpenter’s Halloween franchise with our officially licensed Michael Myers Halloween T Shirt by Steven Rhodes. Slash in style with a classic Steven Rhodes design!

Middle Finger Michael Myers T Shirt – Halloween

Big fan of Michael Myers and flippin’ off the world? We couldn’t think of a better shirt duo for you.

Show off your love for John Carpenter’s Halloween in this incredible horror t shirt. It features your favorite serial slasher who wants to wish everyone a big “f you” this spooky season!

Ghost Face Tarot T Shirt

What does it mean when Ghost Face ® appears in your tarot spread…? Something spooky, of course!

We’re predicting a perfectly terrifying Halloween in your future when you’re rockin’ our Ghost Face Tarot T Shirt. This sleek black & white horror shirt is a must-have closet staple for any die-hard Ghost Face ® fan!

Wanna Play Chucky T Shirt

Are you ready to play with Chucky? Represent one of your favorite classic ‘80s horror films when you slip into this terrifying Child’s Play tee!

This awesome Child’s Play T Shirt is perfect for any die-hard Chucky fan and adds a killer sense of style to any look. He’s your friend ’til the end!

F Around and Find Out T Shirt – Ghost Face

Got a thing for slashers and scary movies? Show off your Ghost Face ® fandom with this Halloween-ready tee.

A Freak in the Sheets T Shirt – Halloween

A freak in the sheets AND a killer on the streets? What more could you ask for?! Show off your Halloween fandom with this hilarious Micheal Myers tee.

Always Check Your Candy T Shirt – Steven Rhodes

Let’s cut to what you crave: Unlimited Hollie-ho Chocolate Bars! You’ll never forget to check your candy when wearing this Trick ’r Treat tee from Steven Rhodes. Get ready to some candy-coated carnage this Halloween!

We hope to see you rockin’ these horrifying tees this season. Check out our full collection of graphic tees for endless styles of fun, humor, and horror!

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