In this hyper-connected, fast-paced world, it can be tough to combat stress. Literally everything can stress you out. Whether it’s an overflowing inbox of urgent emails, or Instagram blowing up pictures of your ex and their new partner, it’s always something.

To manage any crisis, no matter how large or small it might be, it’s best to be armed with wellness goodies. Taking a holistic approach to your stress can truly calm your mind, body, and soul.

Here are nine Zen products that are guaranteed to help you find inner peace, while making your space look ahh-mazing as well.

Tree of life moon dream catcher

Tree of Life Moon Dream Catcher

Get a peaceful night sleep and ward off bad dreams with this stunning turquoise-effect dream catcher. Dream catchers were used by Native Americans for centuries to keep bad spirits and bad thoughts at bay. Topped off with brown feathers and a tree of life pendant, this dream catcher adds the perfect touch to any bedroom or dorm.

Mini white sage

Three Pack of Mini Sage

Clear away the negativity and cleanse the air when you burn this white sage. The gentle scent and purification power of this product are guaranteed to make you feel peaceful and calm. While smudging, always be sure to open your windows to let the bad vibes out.


Buddha faces storage jar

Buddha Faces Storage Jar

Store your tiny treasures in this beautiful Buddha face storage jar. This cream-colored jar features a serene Buddha face on every side and looks great in any room.


Tree of life incense burner

Tree of Life Incense Burner

Featuring a whimsy and woodsy Tree of Life scene, this incense burner will become your favorite one to use during your meditation practices. Simply slip your go-to incense stick into this colorful holder and allow your stress to melt away through meditation.

Healing incense cones

Healing Incense Cones

Get your “ohm” on when you burn these healing incense cones. These 40 incense cones are crafted from wood pulp and enable the holistic powers of nature to soothe your stress.

Crystal healing stone kit

Crystal Healing Stone Kit

Enjoy the natural healing power of stones when you keep this pouch near your bed or in your bag. The kit includes rose quartz, tiger eye, amethyst, and red jasper to bring peace and love to you wherever you go.

Lavender sage

Lavender Sage

Lavender is a healing herb that helps to treat stress and insomnia. Burn this sweetly-scented lavender sage throughout your space to purify the air and gain some peace.

Dragon's blood incense cups

Dragon’s Blood Incense Cups

Enjoy the calming aroma of these incense cups when you burn them during your next meditation session. They will instantly soothe and relax you.


Meditating Buddha Storage Jar

Meditating Buddha Storage Jar

Stash your stuff in style when you add this serene meditating Buddha storage container to your sanctuary. The purple, green, and yellow colors of this container will instantly put you at peace.

If you want to de-stress and turn your space into a calming oasis, consider getting one of these Zen products today.