Heard of Fleshlight sex toys but never understood what all the fuss was about? We got you covered. It’s no secret, and it’s definitely nothing to be ashamed of. Guys, we all know you love masturbating; girls do, too! It’s a natural desire that just about everyone feels. So while it seems like girls always have the better end of the bargain with an incredible selection of sex toys that range from exceptionally pretty to downright discreet, it’s no wonder why guys want something similarly amazing in that department. But fear not, horny fellas. These male masturbators have come a long way since you first discovered them. And you know what? Guys LOVE them. Here’s why:

What Is a Fleshlight?

Okay, wait. We know you’re eager to get started, but before we get to the nitty-gritty details, there’s a chance you may not even know what a Fleshlight is. A Fleshlight is a stroker or a sex toy for men that’s designed to replicate the same sensations as sexual intercourse. The penis is tightly stroked inside of a tube-like toy, and the user has full control over speed and how fast or slow it takes to finish.

Fleshlights Feel Like the Real Thing

Take our word for it. Seriously. Guys swear by the realistic feel and sensations of Fleshlights. The soft, non-vibrating sleeve provides arguably the most lifelike intercourse simulation possible. With a little bit of imagination and adjustable end caps to control your preferred level of suction, you’d swear you were in bed with the woman of your dreams. The best part? You’ll both always finish at the same time, and no post-intercourse cuddling is required. Ya know, unless that’s your thing.

They’re Discreet

If there’s one thing to call out that men’s sex toys have over women’s, it’s the fact that most of them look like nothing out of the ordinary. Fleshlights? They could be confused for literal flashlights if you don’t look closely enough. Obviously you can hide it in your bedside drawer, but if you really don’t want people questioning you, place this bad boy next to all of your other tools and no one will even give it a second look!

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice, practice, practice. Build up that stamina in preparation for the main event. The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Stroker Pack comes with everything you need to train yourself to last longer. Whether it’s in preparation for intercourse with another person you really want to satisfy or just to make your own bliss last a little longer, this male masturbation toy kit includes everything you’ll need to help make sure you don’t explode with pleasure before the time is right.

Ready & Wet Whenever You Want It

Wanna know what a woman can’t do? Get wet on command. Skip the wine, dine, and massage that always lasts too long. With just a little bit of lube, your Fleshlight will be hot and ready at a moment’s notice to fulfill all of your sexual desires. Some Fleshlights, like the Go Surge Stroker, even come complete with the perfect water-based lube for you to use.

Easy to Clean

Now that you read all of the good stuff, you’re probably wondering how to clean a Fleshlight. It’s actually a lot easier than most people imagine. To clean your male masturbator, just remove the insert and rinse with warm water. Let it dry, and she’ll be ready for round two. Want to keep your Fleshlight feeling like the first time every time? Coat the sleeve insert in a light layer of Stroker Renewing Powder so your pocket pussy stays soft.


Well, guys, it’s time to find your new fleshlight sex toy. With plenty of different shapes, styles, and textures of Fleshlights to try out, including realistic replicas of porn stars and Fleshlights for anal sex, you’re going to want to take each one for a spin. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find out that you actually really enjoy butt stuff without having to test out the real thing first. Check out the best Fleshlights sex toys here. We have a feeling that you’re going to see a lot of what you like.