Are you ever bored with your wardrobe and want to mix up your fashion look? Why not celebrate Wear Pajamas to Work Day on April 19? This is a wonderful opportunity to show off your own unique spin on this holiday with your coworkers. Here are some suggestions on how to make your pajamas suit your style when you’re at the office.

Match your pajamas with your jewelry

Just because you look cozy enough to be ready to curl up in bed doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize! Adding some jewelry to your pajama outfit is the perfect way to stand out. Go bold with some orange earrings to match your orange Dragon Ball Z Pajama Pants. This can be a fun way to play dress-up with your pajamas.

Wear pajama pants and your favorite top

The best part of separate pajama bottoms and tops is that you can mix and match. Why not add an anime t shirt or music t shirt with your pajama pants? You can pair complementary colors or go a little wild with your color options. Who says you can’t clash a little? You’re wearing pajamas to work!

Style your pajamas

If you’re the type of person who always adds their own fashion sense to any outfit, why not do the same with your pajamas? Add a belt to your pajama pants or to a nightgown for some added flair, or give that old tee you sleep in a new look by bleach-dyeing it. If your pajama pants are pretty loose, choose a tight-fitting top or tall boots. Maybe try a new hairstyle for the day that will have even more heads turning your way or top off your look with a cool hat.

Go incognito in a pajama costume

If you want to truly be unrecognizable at work, cover up in a full pajama costume! (We won’t tell if you also wear it on Halloween.) You may find it too hot to wear for the full day, but consider getting to work a little early so when your coworkers arrive, it’ll look like a lion, tiger, sloth, or deer is joining them at their desks.

Rock a robe

Whether on top of other pajamas or your regular clothes, a robe can be a fun and easy way to wear your pajamas to work. You can even pair it with some fun and comfy slippers!

Here you have all our best tips on how to rock your pajamas in the workplace. We’re pretty sure that everyone who doesn’t wear their pajamas to work on April 19 will be jealous of how comfy and fashionable you look!