If you think February 14 is only for couples or those who are partnered up, think again. If you’re single, whether you’re looking for love or happily solo, you can still have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Rather than rejecting all things romantic, you can lean into them, practice self-care, bond with your friends or simply relax.

Here are 12 things to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day if you’re single. Some you can do by yourself, while for others you can get friends to join you. Reclaim Valentine’s Day and make it a day that’s all about you.

Try dating apps

Whether you already have a profile or are new to the world of dating apps, why not create an account on a new app you haven’t tried before? What do you have to lose? Maybe you’re doing it for a lark just to see who responds, or perhaps you’re looking for true love. Either way, instead of moping about your single status, you’ll be taking a proactive step and encountering people you haven’t met (yet). At the very least, it’ll give you something (and maybe even someone) to do!

Throw a virtual party

One of the most wonderful things about modern times is that your friends are probably used to being on Zoom. Instead of using it for work, why not throw a fabulous virtual party? Send an invite along with a dress code (80s gear,  or steampunk, or glam, or whatever you want). Mix up some drinks, set out snacks, add mood lighting with colored bulbs or candles, crank up the tunes and you’re all set for a great time.

Give yourself a makeover

Sick of looking at those unused eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, and other makeup you bought on a whim and never used? Park yourself in front of the mirror and give yourself the ultimate makeover. Watch some YouTube tutorials to get the smoky eyeliner of your dreams just right. Have some hair dye handy? Turn your tresses hot pink or bold green. Snap a photo, post it online if you’d like, then remove your makeup before going to bed. You can start all over in the morning!


Meditation is an excellent way to clear your mind and get in touch with your deepest self. You’re probably overly busy during the day and may tend to zone out at night in front of the TV. Taking some deliberate time to meditate, even for ten minutes, can help you access thoughts you usually push aside. There’s no goal with meditation; it’s all about seeing what comes up in your mind and simply noticing those thoughts. What you do with them later is up to you.

Journal about your dream date

Another tool for getting to know yourself better is journaling. If you’re a die-hard romantic who simply hasn’t met the one (or ones) yet, why not journal about what your dream date would look like? Be as specific as you’d like, about who you’re with, where you go, what happens on your date, and how it makes you feel.

Play in your closet

You probably have all sorts of clothes lurking in the back of your closet that you haven’t thought about in weeks, months, or even years. Break out that studded belt or mini skirt or stylish jacket. Fit into those jeans you used to love and have wondered where they went. Put on your favorite accessories. Style yourself however you want. Consider whether there are any clothes you want to part with, or perhaps if your wardrobe needs a new graphic tee to go with those jeans.

Visit a museum in person or virtually

Get a culture fix by heading to a museum and spending a few hours immersed in art. Or you can explore artists from the comfort of your home with a virtual exhibit, which many museums such as the Smithsonian now offer. You can gain a whole new perspective on life when seeing things through the eyes of an artist. Whether you’re into modern art or ancient art or anything in between, there are countless ways to access sculpture, painting, photography and more, often for free.

Grab some popcorn and host a movie night

Make some popcorn or grab your favorite snack and a mug of cocoa, tea, or coffee, then cue up your favorite flicks. You can choose a theme like rom-coms, classics, horror movies, film noir, comedies, or anything else. Whether you’re watching a movie you know by heart or getting swept away by an entirely new story, you’ll find yourself transported thanks to the magic of filmmaking.

Enjoy a staycation

You don’t have to travel to be a tourist! Why not book a hotel room in your city or town, or one nearby? Make a night of it, bringing with you your most comfortable clothes, snacks, and perhaps bubble bath or candles. You can order up room service or do something fun in the area you’ve never done before. A staycation is an opportunity to connect with yourself and get a new outlook on where you live.

Cook or bake something new

Whether you practically live in the kitchen or only use it to open takeout cartons, you can always find a fun and delicious recipe to cook or bake. There’s something incredibly satisfying about sitting down to eat something you made with your own hands. Look online for whatever you’re craving, from comfort food like macaroni and cheese to a gooey chocolate cake. Gather all the ingredients, set aside enough time, read the recipe over beforehand, and prepare to indulge.

Redecorate your home

Tired of staring at the same old posters and pictures? Sick of your couch cushions? Simply want a change of scenery? Rearrange your home décor and spruce things up. Add a succulent or two, or move the ones you already have. Hang some string lights to brighten up your space. Put some photos in frames and add them where you can see them all the time. Add a tapestry or poster and give your home a whole new look.


Get in touch with yourself—literally. You don’t need anyone else to get off in the most intimate of ways. Whether you use your hand or a sex toy like a vibrator, you can close your eyes, get totally comfortable and be as quiet or loud as you’d like to be. Nothing beats giving yourself some love.

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