Are you ready to vote? We at Spencer’s believe that voting is one of the most important duties a citizen can perform, which is why this year we’ve partnered with Rock the Vote! Together, we’re encouraging you to vote, and to convince three of your friends to vote as well! Check out to take the vote pledge, find your polling place and get tons of useful info before election day.

Whether you’re voting by mail or in person, you’re going to want some gear to let everyone know you’re politically engaged, and Spencer’s has the perfect shirts to convey that message!

Maybe you’re a Satanist, but that doesn’t mean you’re not a voter, too! Sure, none of the candidates may be as down with the dark lord as you are, but you could still write in Lucifer’s name if you feel so inclined!

Next up we have a tee that lets everyone know you’re proud of your sexuality AND your voting record! As the shirt says, anyone who doesn’t like that can suck it!

You’re not a single issue voter. You’ve got ISSUES, plural. Make it known on your way to the polls with this shirt!

What about if you’re all about legalization? Does Spencer’s have voting gear made specifically with you in mind! What an absurd question. Of course we do! You’ll be riding high all the way to the polling booth (or secure ballot drop-off location)!

Okay, so we’ve seen a lot of different types of voters targeted by these shirts, but surely there can’t be a tee made with mythical creatures in mind, right? Wrong! So what if you’re a unicorn?! Last time I checked, “Are you a mythological beast? Y/N” was not a question on voter registration forms in any state.

And there you have it! Like we said earlier, it doesn’t matter what kind of voter you are, because Spencer’s has you covered. From Satanists to unicorns, everyone can find a shirt that says who they are and why they’re voting!

Remember to make a voting plan and follow through on it, and to motivate every person you can to participate in the electoral process!

Oh, and Spencer’s is closed until noon on election day so everyone can get out there and vote. See you at the polls!