Fulfill your sexual fantasies with fantasy dildos by Creature Cocks! Let your erotic imagination run wild as you enjoy solo sex or bring one of these monster dildos into the bedroom. Whether you’re turned on by tentacles, want to get down with a dragon, amp up your fantasy life with aliens, or have a monster fetish that fuels your masturbation, these exciting dildos are the perfect way to make your sex life anything but boring.

With these fantasy dildos, you can take your most outrageous sexual fantasies and put a whole new spin on them. Have you always wondered what it would be like to have sex with a mystical creature? These large dildos by Creature Cocks, each shaped like a different monster or creature, are the perfect way to experiment in the bedroom. Close your eyes and let your imagination run wild! You can play up your outer space sexy fantasy with an alien dildo or pretend you’re in bed with a dragon, unicorn, monster, or tentacled creature.

Whether you’re looking for a unicorn dildo that has a perfectly sexy “horn” or a tentacle dildo that’s sure to bring your fantasies to life, you’ll find it here. These Creature Cocks fantasy dildos are the kinds of monsters you won’t want to run away from!

Monstropus Tentacled Monster Silicone Dildo 7.6 Inch – Creature Cocks

If sea monster sex is your go-to fantasy, this unique tentacle dildo is perfect for you! Monstropus is over seven inches long and plenty big enough to fill you up. With its long tentacle, this thrilling dildo is always ready for action.

Unicorn Kiss Glow in the Dark Dildo 8.4 Inch – Creature Cocks

Unicorns are real—or at least, this unicorn dildo is! With its gorgeous colors, this unicorn-shaped sex toy offers you a chance to get down and dirty with your favorite fantasy creature.

Ravager Ripped Tentacle Dildo 8 Inch – Creature Cocks

Tentacle sex? Sign us up! This thick green eight-inch tentacle dildo by Creature Cocks will be your new bedroom go-to. For a monster dildo that can keep up with your intimate needs, this tentacle dildo is ready to ravage you.

Mystique Unicorn Dildo 8.3 Inch – Creature Cocks

Go wild! With its purple swirled horn of a shaft, this unicorn dildo is ready to transport you to the ultimate sexual experience. Make unicorn sex a reality with this unique fantasy dildo!

Radioactive Reptile Thick Scaly Silicone Dildo 6.25 Inch – Creature Cocks

The tongue-like tip on this Radioactive Reptile dildo is ready to please by filling you up nice and deep every time. With its thick shaft and bold color, this sex toy will satisfy all your monster sex fantasies.

Orion Invader Veiny Space Alien Silicone Dildo 6 Inch – Creature Cocks

Always wanted to try alien sex? Now you can have the next best thing with this alien dildo! This purple, veiny dildo is the perfect way to get filled up in out-of-this-world style. Your sex toy collection will be intergalactic with the addition of this alien dildo.

Sabertooth Silicone Dildo 11.3 Inch – Creature Cocks

With this feline monster dildo, you’re sure to have a truly wild time! This huge dildo is ready to bring out your animal side as you get totally fulfilled.

Hydra Sea Monster Dildo 10.6 Inch – Creature Cocks

This twisted sea monster is ready to plunder your depths as you explore one of your most powerful sexual fantasies. With this big dildo, you can feel like you’re having sex in the ocean and floating your way to powerfully explosive sensations.

Larva Ovipositor Dildo with Eggs 8.9 Inch – Creature Cocks

This alien dildo is truly out of this world! The larva ovipositor dildo even has eggs so you can feel like you’re getting filled up with your own otherworldly creature. Your mind is about to be blown when you indulge your alien sex fantasy!

Demon Rising Scaly Dragon Dildo 8 Inch – Creature Cocks

This fierce red and black scaly dildo is ready to ignite your dragon sex fantasy! With its thrilling design, every inch of this big dildo will make you feel incredible.

Hell Kiss Twisted Tongue Dildo 7.4 Inch – Creature Cocks

This demonic dildo looks like it’s risen from the depths of hell! With its pleasurable textured shaft, you can feel sexual thrills that are hotter than ever!

Stegosaurus Spiky Reptile Dildo 7.6 Inch – Creature Cocks

Who hasn’t dreamt of what it’s like to get banged by a dinosaur? Now you can make your dinosaur sex fantasy come alive with this stegosaurus spiky dildo. Its unique design is sure to feel amazing every time you use it.

Reaper Dildo 9.2 Inch – Creature Cocks

Talk about a monster cock! This reaper dildo is ready to pound you like the devil and make you feel amazing with every inch.

Cockness Monster Lake Creature Dildo 8.1 Inch – Creature Cocks

The Cockness Monster is just about as real as it gets! Experience the sensual power of getting stuffed with this eight-inch dildo that looks like it’s risen from a dark like just to pleasure you.

Glow-in-the-Dark Makara Snake Dildo 18.3 Inch – Creature Cocks

If your motto regarding sex toys is the bigger, the better, then you want to get intimate with this glow-in-the-dark Makara snake dildo! This huge dildo will slither deep inside you and fill you up in the most powerful way!

Swamp Monster Dildo 7 Inch – Creature Cocks

For a true monster cock, look no further than this swamp monster dildo! This large, green-rigged dildo is perfect for anyone with a monster fetish who wants to make their sex life truly explosive.

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