Do you have a hip-hop-loving friend who can’t get enough of the classics? We’re here to help. Old-school rap tees are a hella cool gift to give any throwback hip-hop fan. Whether your friend rocks with the East Coast, West Coast, or any dope rappers in between, Spencer’s has you covered. Here are the best throwback rap t shirts and hoodies to gift this year.

Portrait Snoop Dogg T Shirt

Your friend will love representing one of the OGs with this Snoop Dogg tee! Whatever era Snoop fan they are, they’ll look perfect in this shirt.

ODB Face T Shirt – Ol’ Dirty Bastard

Hip-hop will love rocking this stylish Ol’ Dirty Bastard tee. Give this ODB shirt to any Wu-Tang Clan fan and you’ll make their day.

Logo Death Row Records Hoodie

Got a friend that loves West Coast hip-hop? You can’t go wrong with this Death Row Records hoodie. Crank up the jams!

Death Row Records T Shirt

West Coast hip-hop dominated the ‘90s, and Death Row Records was the king of the coast.  If your homie can’t get enough of the West Coast classics, gift them this Death Row Records t shirt.

Tupac Bandana T Shirt

California love! Represent one of throwback hip-hop’s all-time greats in this Tupac bandana t shirt. Your homie will be hyped about getting this dope rap shirt.

Brooklyn’s Finest T Shirt – The Notorious B.I.G.

You can’t with this tee that honors Biggie Smalls, one of the GOATs of hip-hop. Your friend will want to put this tee into heavy rotation.

Wu-Tang Clan Est 1992 T Shirt

Throw up those W’s! Any classic hip-hop fan will love this OG Wu-Tang Clan tee. Featuring the group’s iconic logo, this tee is an absolute must-have. Wu-Tang is forever!

Ice Cube T Shirt

Want to gift your buddy some cold new threads? This Ice Cube tee is cool and comfortable, instantly adding some swag to your friend’s wardrobe.  

Eazy-E T Shirt

This Eazy-E t-shirt will have any classic hip-hop fan feeling like they’re cruisin’ in a 64’! Gift this shirt so your pal can show off their awesome taste in throwback jams.

Rose Tupac T Shirt

WEST COAST REPRESENT! Got a friend that loves Tupac? Gift them this Tupac t shirt. When they rock this sick tee, all eyes will be on them.

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