Get in, loser. It’s time to celebrate Mean Girls! We can’t get enough of this iconic, extremely quotable comedy, and we know you can’t either! With the Mean Girls musical movie opening this week, we know you’re ready to join the Plastics and pay tribute to one of the most fun films ever. If you’ve followed every moment of the onscreen antics of Regina George, Gretchen Wieners, Karen Smith, and Cady Heron, you’ll want to show off your Mean Girls fandom every chance you get.

With these Mean Girls t-shirts, you’re sure to look so fetch (ofc). Whether you’re hitting the theater, having a classic Mean Girls watch party, or just hanging with your BFFs at the mall, these funny Mean Girls tees are sure to turn heads.

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink T Shirt – Mean Girls

This line transformed hump day and made it one of our favorite days of the week!

Get In Loser We’re Going Shopping T Shirt – Mean Girls

Has a trip to the mall ever been so life-changing? This funny tee is also available in black.

That’s So Fetch T Shirt – Mean Girls

Let everyone know you can’t get enough of Mean Girls with this fun tee.

Mean Girls BFF T Shirt

What better gift for your bestie than matching Mean Girls BFF tees?

Mean Girls Word Vomit T Shirt

You’ll never feel bad about saying the wrong thing after watching this scene.

Burn Book T Shirt – Mean Girls

Admit it—you started a burn book after watching this movie, didn’t you? (It’s ok, we all did).

Mean Girls Grool T Shirt

Get your Mean Girls slang on!

Mean Girls Week Calendar T Shirt

Any day of the week will be more cheerful when you rock this tee.

Mean Girls The Plastics T Shirt

Pay tribute to the girls who truly rule the school (and everywhere else!).

Mean Girls Plastic T Shirt

How can you do anything but smile when you see Lindsay Lohan in all her Plastic glory?

Mean Girls Poster T Shirt

This classic look is perfect for any true Mean Girls fan.

What’s your favorite Mean Girls line? Let us know at and check out our full line of Mean Girls t shirts! Looking for more fun pop culture looks? Check out our huge range of movie tees for every taste.