Christmas is coming quickly, and with everyone still stuck at home, many are finding new ways to embrace the holiday. We want you and your friends to have the best holiday season yet, even if it means you have to celebrate virtually. Whether your partying on Zoom or just partying with your family, we’ve got your quarantine Christmas celebration covered. Keep the Christmas spirit alive with 2020’s Best Christmas party Ideas!

Christmas Movie Characters Party

Make Christmas a production this year with a movie character-themed party! Celebrate the holiday the way your favorite on-screen characters would, by dressing up as them or having a movie quote-off.

  • Decorate the party space with decorations that pay tribute to your favorite Christmas movies. Make sure to play some of the best holiday classics on your TV!
  • Tell all of the guests to dress as a character from their favorite Christmas movie.
  • Get creative with it! Don’t just go as Santa. Go as something that will wow your friends and family.
  • Best dressed character wins a prize!

Everybody loves a good costume party, and this character-themed Christmas idea will leave everyone talking about this year’s get-together. Plus, you can still dress up on Zoom!

Prescription Sticker Shot Glass - 4 oz.
Prescription Sticker Shot Glass – 4 oz.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Game Night

Ugly Christmas sweater parties are always fun, and this year we are going to combine it with another entertaining party theme. The Ugly Christmas Sweater Game Night is competitive fun that makes for a memorable holiday! Take on your friends in some of these hysterical games and rock your favorite ugly Christmas sweater.

  • Guests show up wearing their best ugly Christmas sweaters.
  • Select the games that will be played for the night. Spice the party up with drinking games such as Buzzed, Drinkopoly or Drunk, Stoned or Stupid.
  • Set up a game night in a tournament style.
  • Keep track of who becomes champion at each game.
  • Whoever has the most total championships at the end wins game night. 

Even when a winner is crowned, the party must go on! Make the Ugly Christmas Sweater Game Night a part of your holiday every year. Games like BUZZED and Drunk, Stoned or Stupid are awesome for a Zoom game night with your friends!

Light-Up Mr. Hankey Ugly Christmas Sweater - South Park
Light-Up Mr. Hankey Ugly Christmas Sweater – South Park

Gag Gift Present Exchange

The Gag Gift Present Exchange is the perfect outrageous Christmas party theme for any family looking to pee themselves laughing at this year’s get-together. It’s hilarious, competitive and just downright fun. Here’s how you can host a Gag Gift Present Exchange:

  • Each person coming to the party brings a wrapped, unmarked gag gift. Anything that you think will make your friends laugh or that you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself.
  • Place the wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree or in a designated area.
  • Names of each guests are chosen from a hat, determining who gets to pick a present first.
  • The guest who is picking first has to pick a present and unwrap it (there’s a catch).
  • The guest with the second pick can either pick an unwrapped gift or they can steal the gift that the other guest opened.
  • If the guest with the first pick gets their gift stolen, they pick another gift from the pile.
  • Once everyone has had a turn to choose a gift, the game is over and the party begins!
  • Additional rules:
  • A gift can’t be immediately stolen back.
  • A gift can only be stolen twice.

Give the Gag Gift Present Exchange party a try this year and you will be laughing all the way to the new year.

Crap Jokes Toilet Paper
Crap Jokes Toilet Paper

Try ALL of these Christmas party ideas, as they are sure to become the new holiday traditions for you and your friends!