Looking to up your fashion game and show off your love of anime? This Naruto x Spencer’s streetwear collection is the perfect way to bring your pop culture fave into your everyday wardrobe and look extra stylish. From crop tops to skirts to hoodies and the perfect matching accessories, this entire collection is based on your favorite Naruto Shippuden characters and is sure to make you stand out. Build a stylish outfit that’s totally you!

Check out our highlights from this exciting new streetwear collection:

Naruto Crop Top Jacket – Naruto Shippuden

This orange and black jacket complete with Naruto logo badges is the perfect topper.

Naruto Crop Top Hoodie – Naruto Shippuden

For a different spin on the orange and black color combination, this cozy Naruto crop top hoodie will keep you feeling warm and looking hot.

Hidden Leaf Badge Bowler Bag – Naruto Shippuden

Carry whatever you need for a fun day or night in this stylish orange and black bowler bag.

Hinata Buckle Crop Top T Shirt – Naruto Shippuden

Show off your love for anime when you wear this crop top inspired by Hinata Hyuga. This totally chic top features a buckle and mesh neckline and a Naruto badge at the bottom.

Hinata Skirt – Naruto Shippuden

Pair your Hinata crop top tee with this matching skirt for an all-over look that’s perfectly on point.

Hinata Badge Mini Backpack – Naruto Shippuden

Store all your daily essentials in this purple Hinata mini backpack that’s got plenty of room for day or night.

Kakashi Jonin Vest – Naruto Shippuden

Look like you’re ready to lead Team 7 in this green Kakashi vest!

Kakashi Badge Crop Top Long Sleeve T Shirt – Naruto Shippuden

Be totally cool and confident in this Kakashi long sleeve tee. This crop top is flattering and fashionable, whether you’re wearing it as part of a Kakashi look or on its own.

Kakashi Joggers – Naruto Shippuden

These black joggers are the perfect way to complete your Kakashi-inspired outfit.  They’re the perfect balance of comfort and style.

Kakashi Gloves – Naruto Shippuden

Complete your Kakashi outfit with these fingerless black Kakashi gloves and take your style to the next level.

Kakashi Fanny Pack – Naruto Shippuden

Stash your keys, wallet, and anything else you need in this Kakashi fanny pack.

Sakura Skirt – Naruto Shippuden

Turn heads looking like your favorite medical ninja in this bold red Sakura skirt.

Sakura Gloves – Naruto Shippuden

Make your Sakura style even more attention-grabbing when you wear these red gloves.

Sakura Mini Backpack – Naruto Shippuden

For a complementary look, carry this red Sakura mini backpack.  It’s incredibly stylish and big enough to hold everything you need for the day or night.

Itachi Akatsuki Crossbody Bag – Naruto Shippuden

Let everyone know how big a Naruto Shippuden fan you are when you carry this stylish Itachi Akatsuki crossbody bag with its instantly recognizable image.

Shop the whole Naruto x Spencer’s collection for more fashion options, plus headbands, arm bands, and other accessories worthy of any chic ninja.