Want to perk up your dorm room, bedroom, or desk with a colorful lava lamp? Spencer’s has exactly what you need. We’re known for our wide selection of lava lamps, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorites in a range of groovy colors for every taste.

Colormax Amethyst Lava Lamp – 17 Inch

Bring some mesmerizing color into your life with this amethyst lava lamp! With its white wax in clear liquid that takes on the purple color of the lamp, this lamp is a purple lover’s dream.

Blue and Purple Moon Phases Lava Lamp – 14.5 Inch

Love all things celestial? You’ll want this moon phases lava lamp front and center on your desk. With its enticing design, it’s sure to make your office or bedroom a much cooler space the minute you turn it on.

Nebula Galaxy Lava Lamp – 17 Inch

Feel like you’re floating through space with this colorful nebula galaxy lava lamp! With its enchanting colors, you can get the sensation of being in the atmosphere right from the comfort of your bedroom.

Black and Purple Baphomet Pentagram Lava Lamp – 14.5 Inch

Show off your dark side when you turn on this Baphomet pentagram lava lamp! You’ll be setting just the right tone with your décor.

Black Ghost Face Lava Lamp – 14.5 Inch

Is Ghost Face® your favorite horror movie villain? Let everyone know what a scream your decorating is with this Ghost Face® lava lamp!

Bioluminescent Butterfly Lava Lamp – 14.5 Inch

Nature lovers, this one’s for you! With its beautiful purple glow, this butterfly lava lamp is an easy way to bring major color into your bedroom, living room, or office.

Retro Wave Lava Lamp – 14.5 Inch

Want to feel like you’re on the beach at night, totally relaxed and at ease? Turn on this retro wave lava lamp and prepare to get totally mellow.

Black and White Ribcage Lava Lamp – 17 Inch

Talk about skeleton chic! With its bright red wax and clear liquid, this bold lava lamp is sure to make a major décor statement!

Alien Lava Lamp – 17 Inch

Get out (of this world)! Bring a little outer space style to your home decorating with this alien lava lamp! It’ll have you believing that green is the coolest color on any planet.

Pentagram Lava Lamp – 14.5 Inch

Make your love of the dark side part of your vibe with this red and black pentagram lava lamp! It’s sure to be the centerpiece of any room you place it in.

Blue Pool Floor Glitter Lava Lamp – 17 Inch

Want your space to feel like an endless summer? Decorate with this mesmerizing Blue Pool Floor Glitter Lava Lamp. This 17-inch lava lamp features blue liquid, blue glitter, and a pool floor reflection-designed base!

’70s Retro Orange Swirl Lava Lamp – 17 Inch

Born in the wrong generation? Us too. Throw it allll the way back to the free love era with this trippy ’70s Retro Orange Swirl Lava Lamp. 

Want to learn more about lava lamps? Check out our Lava Lamps 101 post with details on the history of the lava lamp and how to use them. Don’t miss our huge selection of lava lamps and replacement bulbs, whether you’re looking for yourself or for the perfect gift!