We’ve officially launched our exclusive collection of body jewelry designed by Kayla Malecc! Featuring high-quality titanium pieces with head-turning neon accents, this collab will breathe new life into your jewelry collection.

Kayla says she wants people to feel “confident, happy, extravagant, [and] like themselves” when they wear something from this collection. She’s found confidence of her own through unique piercings, including multiple nose rings, and she’s empowering others to do the same. “Jewelry has boosted [my confidence] in such a good way because even if you have a basic outfit and minimal makeup, you’ll always have the character and personality your jewelry brings.”

We asked Kayla to pick some of her favorite Spencer’s apparel to style with her new body jewelry line. Here’s what she chose.

The Mushroom Collection:

There’s something magic about mushrooms. Often associated with fantasy worlds and fairies, they symbolize growth, enlightenment, and rebirth. We love mushroom prints in electric hues, making them a perfect match for Kayla Malecc’s neon-accented jewelry. 

So, which colors would Kayla match with our spring Mushroom Collection of apparel and accessories? “Blue, green, or orange! And if I was feeling spicy, I would mix all the colors together,” she tells us.

The Western Collection:

Western style is having a moment, y’all. Our Western Collection combines fringe with fishnets and faux leather. Kayla suggests pairing these rebellious rancher styles with black or silver body jewelry.

The Butterfly Collection:

The Butterfly Collection is all about light and airy styles that make you feel like you’re wearing a piece of spring. Featuring iridescent fabrics, butterfly prints, and sweet details like lace and bows, this collection pairs perfectly with Kayla’s pink body jewelry pieces.

Shop the full Kayla Malecc body jewelry collection here! Take styling tips from Kayla or create your own unique look – there’s no wrong way to rock it.