July 14th is National Nude Day! Before you decide to sit this one out, let’s talk about some of the perks of being naked.

We all come into this world the same way: naked. In a way, nudity is the great equalizer. When you’re naked, it’s tough for others to speculate about your social status, your wealth, or your profession. Take off your expensive watch and your favorite team’s jersey, and suddenly you’re anonymous. It’s just you, your body, and your untold stories. You could be anyone from anywhere.

Being naked has health benefits, too. Going to bed in the buff helps to lower your body temperature, thus promoting better and longer sleep. Quality sleep may be linked to reduced stress, improved concentration, and even weight management.

Are you stuck in a love rut with your partner? Get naked together! Skin-to-skin contact causes the release of oxytocin, or the love hormone. Fire up your favorite playlist, get undressed, and spend some time in a comfortable place with your partner. No cell phones, no TV – just you and your partner’s skin beneath your fingertips. Feel their presence, notice the tiny flecks of color in their eyes, and listen to the rhythm of their heartbeat.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of nudity is its ability to encourage self-love. If you’ve ever avoided the mirror after stepping out of the shower, you’re definitely not alone. We’re taught from birth that our bodies are innately inappropriate when uncovered. Take off your clothes, stand up tall (we know, it feels weird), and take a deep breath. This is the body that carries you from place to place, hugs your loved ones, and allows you to feel the sun’s gentle warmth.

On National Nude Day, consider spending some time in your birthday suit. When you’re ready to get dressed, reach for something that celebrates your body! Lingerie can help to gradually improve your relationship with your body. Sultry satin and lust-worthy lace can boost your confidence and make you fall in love with your physique.

Here are a few of our favorite barely-there pieces:

Animal Prints

You’re an animal! Get back in touch with nature in exotic and universally flattering animal prints.

Lovely Lace

When we think of romance, we think of lace. These lace lingerie pieces are equal parts sweet and seductive.

Pretty Pasties

Give the bra a break and jazz up your nipples with pasties! Pair them with your favorite panties for a tantalizing look.

Nearly Nude

Want to leave just a little something to the imagination? These beige fishnet teddies are perfect. That’s the naked truth.

However you choose to celebrate National Nude Day, we hope this unconventional holiday brings you one step closer to feeling comfortable and confident in your body. After all, it’s the only body you have! Show it some love.