Memorial Day weekend is here, which can only mean one thing… summer is right around the corner! We can’t even begin to tell you how much we love summer. The beach, the warm weather, days out with friends, and so much more fun is to be had. As the professionals of fun, we know exactly what you’ll need to ensure the start to a perfect summer. With our Memorial Day summer checklist, we’re going to be making sure you have all the essentials you need to have a great summer.

Stay Hydrated

One of the most important things to remember during the summer is that the heat is REAL. Whether you’re dancing all day long at a festival, heading to the beach with friends, or going for a jog on the boardwalk, water is essential. Drinking water is a great way to keep cool and avoid getting dehydrated throughout the day. With something from our collection of water bottles, you can be sure to get plenty of H2O, and you’ll be environmentally friendly by using something reusable!

Stay Prepared

Chances are you’ll be spending a lot more time outside and on the road during the summer. So it’s always key to make sure you have everything you need for wherever you’re going. Our collection of backpacks is full of perfect bags for carrying around all of your summer needs. Need plenty of space for summer beach towels? Our built up backpacks have plenty of storage for that and more! Want something more cute and stylish? Accessorize your look with one of our mini backpacks and you’ll be ready to go.

Avatar the Last Airbender Mini Backpack
Black Utility Backpack - Champion

Stay Cool

Avoiding the heat can be a real bother especially when you’re fighting the humidity, bugs, and everything else the summer heat brings. Slap on a bucket hat from our hat collection to give yourself some shade and forget about it! There’s no doubt you’ll be looking fly anywhere you go once you complete your outfit of the day with a stylish snapback hat from our collection. Topping off your summer look with a hat has plenty of great benefits so always be sure to keep one handy.

Corona Extra Boonie Hat
Rainbow Striped Snapback Hat

Stay Clean

We’re all about spreading body positivity and showing off your confidence with some stylish summer body jewelry. Our collection of belly rings is full of beach bling that will look amazing in pics with your squad. Keep your piercings clean and safe from infection all summer long by following these steps in our Body Jewelry Cleaning Guide. Picking up some H2Ocean Aftercare Spray is also a safe way to make sure your jewelry always stays looking pristine.

Stay with the Trends

There’s no doubt you’ll have some of the hottest styles around this summer when you start your summer outfit with a cool tee from our t shirt collection. Our vast selection of tees has something for everyone to show off their style. Keep your friends laughing all summer with some of our hilarious meme t shirts. Want a perfect way to show off your mood to a crowd? Make sure to grab one of our attitude tees and you’ll be sure to get your message across. By shopping some of our awesome t shirts you’ll always know what’s trends are hot and what’s not this summer.

It's Getting Weird T Shirt
I Left My House for This T Shirt

There’s our list! Make sure you check it twice to make sure you have everything you need for you and your squad to takeover this summer. With so much pent-up energy waiting to be released we can’t wait to help you make it an awesome summer you’ll never forget. Be sure to visit our site at for more irresistible merch and to check out our blog at The Inspo Spot for more awesome Spencer’s content all summer long!