If you’re someone looking to switch things up and stylize your look with some fashion jewelry, then you’ve come to the right place! In this fashion jewelry guide, we’re going to be giving you a list of tips and tricks for you to keep your fashion jewelry looking great while helping you avoid any damage or injury to you or your jewelry. By following this awesome guide, you can be sure your fashion jewelry will last longer, you’ll get plenty of new ideas to customize your look, and you’ll know exactly what to expect when making your first fashion jewelry purchase.

Always remove your fashion jewelry before going to bed

Always make sure that whenever you go to sleep, you remove your fashion jewelry to avoid damage to the jewelry or yourself. While sleeping, you may toss and turn which could cause your jewelry to become stuck to something like a blanket or pillow and potentially be ripped out. Avoid this issue altogether by removing any pieces of fashion jewelry before bed, especially ones that have charms that dangle and hang off of your body. Always keep this tip in mind to avoid having a fashion jewelry nightmare!

Show off your personality with style

Accessorizing your look with fashion jewelry can go a long way in showing off different sides of your personality. By matching your fashion jewelry with your outfit you can give off whatever type of vibe you’re feeling that day. Looking to show off your dark side? Some pentagram jewelry might be just what you need! Want a look that show’s how sexy you can be? Some jewelry from our Playboy collection will be the perfect addition to your style.

Pentagram earrings
Playboy Stud Earrings

Mix and match it up

With our various collections of chokers, bracelets, necklaces, and more, you can mix and match your fashion jewelry to create the ultimate look! Our choker necklace collection has an option for every occasion and is perfect for showing off your trend-setting style. Complete the look with a pair of matching fashion earrings and you’ll have all the heads looking your way.

Heart Choker Necklace
Gummy Bear Dangle Earrings

Always clean your fashion jewelry and piercings properly

In order to keep your jewelry intact and shining for as long as possible always be sure to properly clean and take care of your pieces. Without proper piercing aftercare, you run the risk of infection and your piercing may not heal correctly. For an entire breakdown of everything you need to know about the ins and outs of piercing aftercare check our Body Jewelry Aftercare Guide on our blog!

Last thing on, first thing off

When adding fashion jewelry to your next outfit always be sure to keep this rule in mind. When getting dressed before going out, be sure that your fashion jewelry is the last thing you put on and the first thing you remove when you get home. This is to decrease any chance of your fashion jewelry getting caught on any articles of clothing and causing damage to your outfit or jewelry.

There are plenty of different kinds of fashion jewelry types out there. From some dazzling dangle earrings to an edgy spiked choker, whatever piece of fashion jewelry you choose as long as you follow these five tips you won’t ever have to worry about having any fashion jewelry mishaps. For more body jewelry guides and fashion tips check out some of our jewelry posts on The Inspo Spot and for more amazing body jewelry be sure to check out our entire collection at Spencers.com!