It’s the end of a long summer vacation and it’s almost time to get back to hitting the books. We bet you can’t wait to see how much everyone’s changed over the summer and are so excited to see all of your friend’s stylish new looks for the 2022 school year. There are lots of things to do before the first day back and it can be easy to get overwhelmed. But, there’s no need to worry! With this Spencer’s back-to-school guide we’ll give you the hookup on all the freshest new gear and some great tips to help you get this school year started right!

Starting your checklist

Making a back-to-school checklist is a perfect way to stay organized and to make sure you have everything you need to be your best self this semester. Here are a few examples of some must-have items that will help lead to your success this school year:

1. Some new back-to-school outfits (Because you gotta make a good first impression!)

2. Order your books ($200?! For a mandatory textbook?!)

3. Something, ANYTHING to write with (Believe us; you don’t want to be THAT guy.)

4. Some quick food like ramen or easy mac (Perfect for 3 pm or 3 am!)

5. A backpack (Those $200 textbooks can get pretty heavy.)

6. A lunch box (Because lunch is the only thing that gets us through the day.)

7. Get some supplies (Highlighters, notebooks, binders, sticky notes, you know the drill.)

8. Lighting and room décor (Trust us, it will help with the homesickness)

9. Get an extra mattress pad (Those dorm room bunks are not your friend. Super underrated, but you’ll thank us for this one.)

10. Get yourself a calendar (Keeping track of those important dates will never be easier, and you’ll be glad you did!)

Now that we’ve let you know most of the things you’ll need for going back to school, here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for all of your essentials.

Gearing up for the new year

It might be a long time since you’ve seen a lot of your classmates in person. Show everyone how you’ve upgraded your style this summer by grabbing some fresh new gear before the year starts. Our collection of tees has something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re a music junkie looking for music tees, an anime lover looking for anime tees, or just love to show your personality with some funny tees, our official t shirt collection will for sure have something to fit your style! With something from awesome our t shirt collection, you’ll be sure to be in the running for best dressed or class clown, whatever you’re into.

Get some new bag swag

You’ve got to have a fresh new backpack to start the year and carry all of those supplies! Carry all of your back-to-school essentials with ease with a backpack from our stylish collection. Got pounds of books and binders you need to carry from class to class? One of our built-up backpacks may be just what you need to get you through your day! Looking for something more subtle and fashionable? Then you’ll love shopping our mini-backpacks. Our backpack collection features plenty of options to choose from when it comes to carrying your stuff with style.

You know we can’t forget about everyone’s favorite part of the school day! Avoid those questionable cafeteria lunches by bringing your own lunch in an awesome lunchbox from our collection. Choose a matching backpack and lunchbox and no one will be able to deny you’re looking right. 

Get your room décor on deck

If you’re living away from home in a dorm or an off-campus apartment you’ve got to decorate to make the place seem like your own! When it comes to room décor, no one does it better than us and we’ve got all the coolest ways to light up and decorate your humble abode with style. Set the mood and add some chill vibes to any room with a groovy lava lamp! Our tapestries and posters make great wall décor to add some style to an otherwise blank and basic wall.

Fix that sleep schedule

Those long nights out during the week may have really messed up your sleep schedule this summer, so it’s best to get it back in check before school starts to avoid falling asleep during those long lectures. We suggest getting your sleep schedule back on track a few days before the first day to get your body used to waking up early. Bundle up with a fleece blanket from our collection and you’ll have no problems getting nice and cozy before bed.

We know that getting back into the swing of school can take some adjusting so we hope that our list helps make that adjustment that much easier. When looking for the best back-to-school gear that will always have you feeling your best there’s no better place than Spencer’s. We can’t wait to see what kind of awesome first day of school looks you can come up with! For guides, tips, fashion ideas and more, be sure to check out some of our other blogs at the Inspo Spot.