If you want information about adult sex toys and everything that goes with them, you’ve come to the right place. We created this sex toy guide so you can easily answer all of your questions and have important information at your fingertips. From types of vibrators and dildos to sex toy materials and which lube works best, we’ve laid it all out right here. Ready to get started?

There are so many different types of sex toys so we’re going to give it to you straight. The list below features every kind of sex toy you could imagine, so you’ll be able to pick the perfect one for your wants and needs.


Often shaped like a penis, a dildo is one of the most popular adult sex toys. Depending on your preference, dildos can be anatomically correct with veins and balls or come in many different colors and styles. Typically, dildos do not vibrate, but some dildos do have vibrating features for added pleasure. Dildos may be harness compatible; if this is something you want to explore, we recommend looking into strap-on dildos which are designed for this purpose. Whether you’re craving some mind-blowing solo play or partner play, there are plenty of dildos to choose from.

Double-Ended Dildos:

Coming complete with two functional ends, double-ended dildos (aka double-sided dildos) are most commonly used between couples. A double dildo allows for both partners to experience penetration at the same time.

Glass Dildos:

These adult toys are made entirely of glass and are excellent for exploring temperature play as they can retain warmth or coldness. Glass dildos offer intense firmness and typically come with eye-catching designs.

G-Spot Dildos:

Designed with a curved tip that will purposely hit your G-Spot.

Realistic Dildos:

Shaped and designed to look like a penis, realistic dildos tend to have the look and feel of the real thing.

Squirting Dildos:

These adult toys can be filled with an ejaculate-like liquid to simulate the sensation. For those who want a realistic feel to their sex toy play, squirting dildos can provide it.

Strap-On Dildos:

These sex toys strap onto the body with body harnesses so you can engage in intercourse with your partner. A great toy for couples.

Strapless Dildos and Strapless Strap-Ons:

These sex toys allow you to enjoy penetration with a partner without having to wear a harness. This couple’s sex toy is usually double-ended so that two partners can simultaneously use them. As one partner moves, the other will feel a corresponding sensation from their end of the dildo. Strapless dildos are often curved for the most comfortable fit.

Suction Cup Dildos:

Feature a suction cup on the end that can attach to a wall, floor, or another firm surface for “hands-free” fun.

Vibrating Dildos:

These dildos feature a vibration setting that is designed to intensify your pleasure.


Vibrators are designed to stimulate sensitive areas such as the clitoris and vagina and come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Some vibrators also feature an array of speeds, vibration modes, vibration patterns, and levels of intensity. Perfect for solo sex or partner play.

Anal Vibrators:

Designed specifically for anal pleasure, vibrating anal toys have a flared base and are popular among people of all genders.

Bullet Vibrators:

Bullet vibrators may look little, but the pleasure they bring is the real deal. Bullet vibrators are ideal for clitoral stimulation and their size allows for easy travel and discreet storage.

Clitoral Vibrators:

These compact vibrators strictly focus on stimulation of the clitoris, making them a sex toy for women and those of other genders who have a clitoris. Most clit vibrators are for external use only, but some can also be inserted.

Discreet Vibrators:

Discreet vibrators are generally small, quiet, and packed with intense pleasure.

Egg Vibrators:

Similar to bullet vibrators, egg vibrators are small, discreet, and typically shaped like an egg for ultimate clitoral pleasure.

Fashion Vibrators:

Coming in many different colors, patterns, and shapes, fashion vibrators are not anatomically correct and will match your personality.

Finger Vibrators:

A small vibrator is typically shaped to fit on one’s finger.

G-Spot Vibrators:

These vibrators are designed to stimulate from the inside by activating the G-Spot, which is a spongy area located on the vagina’s inner front wall. This is a particularly sensitive area that can be stimulated for a unique type of sexual pleasure, but it can be challenging to reach. The strategically curved shaft of G-Spot vibrators makes this type of stimulation super simple.

Men’s Vibrators:

Men’s vibrators are designed to stimulate either the shaft of the penis or for anal pleasure. Coming in many different shapes, styles, and sizes, these men’s sex toys vary from anatomically correct vibes to vibrating cock rings and more.

Rabbit Vibrators:

A rabbit vibrator is designed for simultaneous clitoral and internal stimulation. The clitoral stimulator works together with a molded shaft for double the pleasure. Often, the vibration level on each portion of the rabbit vibrator can be adjusted so you can further customize the experience.

Rechargeable Vibrators:

Rechargeable vibrators don’t require batteries. Charge and run times vary by vibrator.

Remote Vibrators:

These vibes are controlled by a remote and make couples play extra exciting. The person holding the remote will be in charge of when and which type of sensations the wearer feels.

Strap-On Vibrators:

A popular sex toy for couples, strap-on vibrators are sex toys that can be worn around the waist for penetrative sex.

Suction Vibrators:

These vibes typically do not vibrate, but instead, they use suction technology to pleasure the clitoris. Many prefer this type of clitoral sensation because it doesn’t apply direct pressure and may enable longer use.

Tongue Vibrators:

Designed to be worn on the tongue to intensify the pleasures of oral sex.

Vibrating Panties:

These are panties which contain a vibrator or vibrating motion designed to stimulate the wearer whether they’re sitting, standing or walking. Sometimes vibrating panties come with a remote control for couples play, but others come with a bullet vibrator that features an on/off switch.

Wand Massagers:

Created specifically for clitoral stimulation or use on external body parts. Wand massagers can also be used on sore muscles. After using this toy, you’ll understand why they call it the magic wand!


From masturbation tools to couples play and so much more, men’s sex toys are specifically designed to pleasure the male anatomy.

Anal Toys:

Also known as butt plugs or anal plugs, these adult toys are usually designed to internally stimulate the p-spot (prostate). These toys will always have a flared base so they can’t get “lost” within the body. Anal beads also fall into this category. These toys must be used with lubricant.

Cock Rings:

Cock rings are worn on the shaft of the penis to intensify pleasure and prolong an erection. Some feature vibrations for added pleasure alone or with a partner.

Penis Pumps:

Vacuum devices that help enlarge the penis and maintain an erection.

Prostate Massagers:

These sex toys are designed to stimulate the prostate gland (sometimes called the P-spot), which is often described as approximating a walnut in size. The prostate is located inside the rectum of men and those assigned male at birth. The prostate is particularly sensitive, and sex toys called prostate massagers can help stimulate it for increased arousal or to maintain an erection. A vibrating prostate massager provides further stimulation to this sensitive area.


Also known as penis extenders, penis sleeves add size to the penis. They can increase length, girth, and more to help stimulate your partner. Sleeves are easy to put on and remove Vibrating sleeves provide the same functions along with vibration for added stimulation for the wearer and their partner.


Also known as male masturbators or pocket pussies, strokers are designed to replicate the feeling of sexual intercourse by “stroking” the penis in a tight grip. Some are molded to look like the female anatomy or the anal opening for extra pleasure.


Adult sex toy materials are very important so you can be informed. It is essential to your health and comfort when it comes to picking a sex toy.

Common Sex Toy Materials:

  • ABS Plastic – This hard plastic material is non-toxic and can be used with any type of lubricant.
  • Glass – This body-safe material makes for easy cleaning and allows experimentation with temperature play.
  • Metal – Surgical steel and aluminum are both body-safe materials that are compatible with any type of lubricant.
  • Silicone – One of the most popular sex toy materials, silicone vibrators and dildos are compatible only with water-based lubricants. Silicone is non-porous, making it hard for bacteria to stick around.
  • TPE – Thermoplastic elastomer is a non-toxic material that can be firm or squishy. These toys shouldn’t be stored with other toys as the material tends to break down over time and could fuse together with other materials.
  • TPR – Thermoplastic rubber is another non-toxic material. Best used with water-based lubricants.


Oil-Based Lubricants:

One of the longest-lasting lubricants, oil-based lubes are great for lengthy pleasure but should be kept away from latex, including condoms.

Silicone-Based Lubricants:

A long-lasting lubricant that should not be paired with silicone toys or sensitive skin.

Warming Lubricants:

Provide a warming sensation for added pleasure.

Water-Based Lubricants:

Compatible with sex toys and condoms. Typically, water-based lube is non-staining and easy to clean. It’s perfect for both vaginal and anal sex. You should always use water-based lubes with your silicone vibrators and dildos.

More Info on Sex Toys

Where can I buy sex toys?

You’re in luck! You can buy a sex toy right here at Spencer’s! We’ve got the top deals on all types of sex toys that’ll provide you with ultimate pleasure.

What sex toys are best for beginners?

Picking your first sex toy is fun and exciting. Determine what kind of pleasure you’re craving, and begin browsing. It may be best to stick with smaller-scale sex toys if it’s your first time introducing a toy into your sex life. Spencer’s has an array of beginner-friendly sex toys to choose from.

Are sex toys loud?

The short answer is, some vibrating sex toys are louder than others, depending on the type of motor and the way they’re designed. If you have roommates or simply want a quieter sex toy, look for ones marked as discreet. You may also be able to muffle the noise by placing a towel or blanket over your sex toy when using it, or using it at the lowest intensity level.

What sex toys are best for couples?

While there are some items specifically designed to be used as couples’ sex toys, any sex toy can be used with a partner. There are multiple ways to incorporate couples’ toys, from showing a partner how you use a toy, using them as part of foreplay or during intercourse, or using a toy like a double-ended dildo or vibrating cock ring together. The possibilities are endless. If one partner is uncertain or jealous, reassure them that couples’ toys are an addition designed to bring extra pleasure, not a replacement for human connection and intimacy.

How can sex toys improve my sex life?

You may already have a rockin’ sex life and think that sex toys are for other people. While not everyone enjoys or uses sex toys, they can be a wonderful way to add variety and additional stimulation to your sex life. Because they have powerful motors, sex toys can often keep going when human hands, tongues, or other body parts get tired. Sex toys can allow you to free your hands for touching yourself or a partner while the toy does its thing.

Can you get addicted to your sex toy or use it too often?

In a nutshell, no, you can’t get addicted to your vibrator or other sex toys. Whether you’re using them “too often” is up to you, but be assured that using a sex toy is designed to enhance, not hinder your sex life. If you want to take a break from your sex toy, put it away for a week or two, explore other sensations, then add it back in. Some people use sex toys occasionally, some people use them exclusively for masturbation, and some use them every time they’re with their partner. There’s no single right or wrong amount of sex toy use, nor will using a sex toy make you unable to enjoy partnered sex.

Which sex toys can I use anally?

It’s important that your sex toy be safe for anal play. An anal sex toy requires a flared base. Make sure you’re looking for a butt plug or anal vibrator with a flared base before partaking in anal play. It’s also crucial to remember that you always need to use lubricant with anal toys because the anus isn’t self-lubricating.

How should I store my sex toys?

It’s important that you store each of your sex toys separately and always remove the batteries or unplug your toy to prolong its life. Some materials could affect other materials causing damage to toys. For further information on taking care of your sex toys, visit our sex toy storage and cleaning guide.

How do I clean my adult sex toy?

Every sex toy should be treated differently. Follow the directions provided to ensure that you’re keeping your sex toy clean.

There you have our sex toy glossary, including sex toys for women, sex toys for men, and sex toys for people of all genders. Want more information? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions About Sex and Sex Toys.