If you’re a fan of Playboy (and who isn’t?), now’s a great time to adorn yourself with some Playboy jewelry featuring their famous rabbit head logo. These fun pieces are perfect, whether you’re looking to accessorize with a ring or bracelet or want some sexy body jewelry to show off your piercings.

Playboy’s bunny logo is instantly iconic. When you wear jewelry featuring this famous image, you’ll be showing everyone just how adventurous you are. Plus, it’s an instant conversation starter.

These stylish pieces of Playboy jewelry for open-minded women and men are classics, just like the magazine and brand that inspired them. Whether you’re rocking dangly Playboy earrings or sporting a Playboy belly ring under a crop top, you’re sure to look totally fashionable. With nine different categories to choose, you can go for any number of colors and styles, from a sexy Playboy nipple barbell to a cute Playboy necklace to top off any outfit.

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