Hoping to freshen up your look? Nothing is more unique than a brand-new piercing, and the nice thing is that they’re not entirely permanent! Piercings have become more and more relevant on runways and even magazine covers; celebs like Florence Pugh, who has been recently rocking a septum ring, are making simple additions that elevate their everyday look! Here are the piercing trends that we think will be the next big thing in 2023.


Looking to add an easy but badass way to enhance your piercing style? Try chains! Chains can link two piercings together or upgrade a single piercing by breaking up empty space and you may enjoy adding a more dynamic flow to your look.

Constellation Piercings

Constellation piercings can instantly elevate any look with endless opportunities for customization. Want to show off pride for your star sign and your love of astrology? Get piercings that connect the stars of your life.

Monroe Piercings

Inspired by the effervescent Marilyn Monroe, this piercing is on the rise. Alexis Stone, a celebrity stylist, said they want to enhance natural beauty like freckles but add some extra sparkle. In a world of products like freckle pens and embracing beauty marks, the Monroe is the perfect addition.

Faux Piercings

Faux piercings appear regularly on runways and are especially popular because they’re not permanent. Although bold and unique piercings have completely taken off in the high fashion world, most are not even really pierced! Models have debuted their pierced faces using silicone skin and convincing faux jewelry pieces. If you’re not ready to commit, neither were they, and a fake piercing gives you the look without the commitment. Test out a new look every week with our range of fake piercings.