It’s the middle of winter. The weather is bone-chilling and you’re so damn tired. Getting out of bed sounds like your worst nightmare. Most days you have to get up and power through it, but February 20th is different. Why? It’s National Comfy Day! Finally, there’s a holiday that lets you stay inside, cuddle up, and RELAX! To prepare you for this special day, we put together a checklist of things that’ll help you get as comfy as possible. Once you reach maximum comfort, pop on your favorite show and indulge in the ultimate binge-watch. How could you not love this holiday?

Fleece Blankets

There’s no better way to celebrate National Comfy Day than by wrapping yourself up in one of our incredible fleece blankets. These blankets will keep you warm and add an eye-catching accent to your bedroom. We have tons of epic styles to choose from. Go find your favorite!


Now that you’ve got your cozy fleece blanket, we’ve got to get you some pillows. With our awesome selection of pillows, you can prop your head up while you watch TV or snuggle up and take the best nap of your life.


Need a little extra warmth? Get yourself a hoodie! Our sweatshirts are the perfect balance of style and comfort. We’ve got a bunch of different designs, so get shopping!

Lounge Pants

Lounge pants are a serious game-changer. When you put these bad boys on, you’ll feel like you’re floating on cloud nine. Simply put, these pants are the definition of cozy.


The only time you should leave the warmth of your bed on National Comfy Day is to cook up some bomb breakfast. Make sure you have a pair of our slippers handy for when you have to get up! Rep your favorite TV show or movie and keep those toes warm!

The Perfect TV Shows to Binge-Watch

Now for the most important part of National Comfy Day: picking a TV show to watch! Here are a few recommendations. If you really want to go all-out for the holiday, you can match your attire with the show you choose.

Stranger Things  (2016 – Ongoing)

(Rated TV-14) (3 Seasons – 4th season due to premiere summer 2022)

Available on Netflix

Squid Game  (2021 – Ongoing)

(Rated TV-MA) (1 Season – Renewed for 2nd season)

Available on Netflix

Rick and Morty  (2013 – Ongoing)

(Rated TV-MA) (5 Seasons – Renewed for 6th season)

Available on Hulu, HBO Max, and Adult Swim

Friends  (1994-2004)

(Rated TV-PG) (10 Seasons)

Available on HBO Max and Prime Video

The Mandalorian  (2019 – Ongoing)

(Rated TV-14) (2 Seasons – Renewed for 3rd season)

Available on Disney+