Know a music lover? Need to figure out what to get them for the holidays? We got you. We have all the playlist-worthy styles you’ll need to make their hearts sing. From band tees adorned with their favorite stars, here’s everything you’ll need to make your music-loving friend totally happy.


Pop music will NEVER go out of style. It is influential to every genre and it’s only going to continue to grow. Here are some gifts for that pop-loving friend of yours:

Pink Friday T Shirt – Nicki Minaj

Are they a Barb? They’re sure to slay in this iconic Nicki Minja Pink Friday tee.

Born This Way T Shirt – Lady Gaga

She’s the QUEEN of pop, and she was born this way! Gift your BFF this statement Lady Gaga tee.

Singing Selena T Shirt

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, baby! Your Selena-obsessed friend will absolutely love this tee showing the singer doing what she did best.

The King of Pop T Shirt – Michael Jackson

He’s the KING of pop, and everyone knows it. Your friend or family member will rock this iconic Michael Jackson tee all day, every day.

Illustrated H.E.R. T Shirt

H.E.R. is a lot of things; a rapper, singer, songwriter… but, most of all, she’s a freakin’ legend. This tee is perfect for the friend who loves H.E.R.!

Rock ‘n Roll

Horns up, baby! It’s time to rock. When it comes to style, Rock ‘n Roll really paved the way for individuality and self-expression. Here are a few of our favorite options for Rock ‘n Roll lovers everywhere. Trust us; the crowd will go absolutely wild:

Gray Guns ‘n Roses Logo T Shirt

Are they wild about Guns ‘n Roses? They’ll love this iconic logo tee to rep their favorite band.

Floral The Rolling Stones T Shirt

Give the rock lover in your life a graphic tee that’s as bold as their favorite band with this Rolling Stones tee!

ACDC Lightning T Shirt

Any ACDC fan will love wearing this epic band tee while cranking up their favorite tunes!

Pink Def Leppard T Shirt

Pour some sugar on your rock lovin’ bestie this year. They’ll love this bold pink Def Leppard tee!

Tan Nirvana Logo T Shirt

Oh! Well, imagine… a backpack so perfect it could win a Grammy. Panic! At The Disco is an essential piece of the emo puzzle and although their sound definitely progressed through the years, their music still bangs. 

Hip-Hop and R&B

Hip-hop has absolutely changed the game when it comes to music. From flow to beats and everything in between, hip-hop is an ever-growing genre and will continue to blossom. Some of the most successful hip-hop artists are just getting started and we LOVE TO SEE IT.

Tupac Makaveli T Shirt

You don’t get much more in-your-face than this Tupac tee. Any fan will surely want to wear this shirt every chance they get.

Death Row Records Doberman T Shirt

Everyone knows only the best artists come from this label, right? Gift them this badass Death Row Records Doberman Tee and they’ll love you for it!

H.E.R. Illustrated T Shirt – Gabriella Wilson

Who isn’t a fan of the super talented R&B artist? Give them something artsy to wear to their next H.E.R. concert!

Ready to Die T Shirt – The Notorious B.I.G.

This B.I.G. tee is hip-hop nostalgia at its finest. Give your homie a throwback wardrobe that will let everyone see their taste in music is straight-up fuegooooo.

Aaliyah Collage T Shirt

Give the Princess of R&B the honor she deserves when you gift this ’90s style Aaliyah tee, featuring her in three different looks.


They go hard, and they love music that thrashes out along with them. Check out these gifts for metal fans that are as fierce and special as they are:

Master of Puppets Metallica T Shirt

They’ll have just the right tee to wear to their next concert or anywhere else with this classic Metallica tee.

Welcome to Horrorwood T Shirt – Ice Nine Kills

Get a little ghoulish with this badass Ice Nine Kills tee! It’s perfect for any heavy metal fan who loves to embrace the dark side.

Slipknot Band T Shirt

Any Slipknot fan will be eager to wear this graphic tee! This nine-point star symbolizes the unity of the band and will have any metalhead looking ready to rock out.

Logo Korn T Shirt

Is Korn their metal favorite band? Gift them this tee and they’ll never want to take it off!

Spiderweb Metallica T Shirt

This tee is an iconic addition to any Metallica fan’s wardrobe. Trust us, they’ll thank you later!

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