Know a music lover? Need to figure out what to get them for Christmas? We got you. We have all the playlist-worthy styles you’ll need to make their hearts sing. From band tees to gadgets that will make their music listening experiences next level, everything you’ll need to make your music-loving friend totally happy is right here.

Rock ‘n Roll

Horns up, baby! It’s time to rock. When it comes to style, Rock ‘n Roll really paved the way for individuality and self-expression. Here are a few of our favorite options for Rock ‘n Roll lovers everywhere. Trust us; the crowd will go absolutely wild:

Pink Floyd Backpack

Pink Floyd is a classic band that should honestly be in everyone’s album collection. Even if your birthday is decades away from their first album release, it’s essential. This Pink Floyd backpack is the perfect place to store all of your concert necessities and will show off your friends’ delectable taste in music.

Panic! At The Disco Backpack

Oh! Well, imagine… a backpack so perfect it could win a Grammy. Panic! At The Disco is an essential piece of the emo puzzle and although their sound definitely progressed through the years, their music still bangs. 

Fall Out Boy Backpack

Sugar, we’re going to with style. This officially licensed Fall Out Boy backpack will show everyone your inner emo kid. It’s not a phase; it’s a way of life.


Hip-hop has absolutely changed the game when it comes to music. From flow to beats and everything in between, hip-hop is an ever-growing genre and will continue to blossom. Some of the most successful hip-hop artists are just getting started and we LOVE TO SEE IT.

Trippie Redd Backpack

Trippie Redd is a lot of things; a rapper, singer, songwriter… But, most of all, he’s a freakin’ legend. This backpack is perfect for the friend that loves to travel and loves Trippie!

Trippie Redd T-Shirt

Why not throw in a matching tee, too?

Eazy-E T-Shirt

This Easy-E t shirt is hip-hop nostalgia at its finest. Give your homie a throwback wardrobe that will let everyone see their taste in music is straight-up fuegooooo.

Juice Wrld T-Shirt

Only the good die young. Gift your pal with this Juice Wrld t shirt to remind the entire world that legends never die.


Pop music will NEVER go out of style. It is influential to every genre and it’s only going to continue to grow. Here are some gifts for that pop-loving friend of yours:

Karaoke Microphone

Is there anything better than singing your favorite pop songs at the top of your lungs? No. That’s why this karaoke microphone is the perfect gift for your pop-loving friends.

LED Disco Light

Add some sound responsive lights while you’re at it. Your friend will have an at-home concert in no time.

Selena Hoodie

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, baby! Your Selena-obsessed friend will absolutely love getting comfortable with this legend! This hoodie screams “leave me alone, I’m listening to Selena.”


#ThankfulForEDM. Though a pretty new genre of music, some can argue EDM is just a progression of techno. EDM is so much more than just programmed sounds, and we LOVE IT. If your friends love it, too, we’ve got some sick gifts (and sick beats) for you:

And………………….*bass drop.* This reversible blanket is perfect for fans of Marshmello who also really like to snug.

Plasma Ball

Up their chill game with this sound responsive plasma ball. This plasma ball will look so good in their jam room.

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