It’s no revelation that emotions and mental health are closely related, but did you know that colors in your everyday life can subconsciously influence and alter those emotions? As Pablo Picasso once said, “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions,” and we couldn’t agree more!

No matter what type of mood you’re in right now, it’s time to get excited because today we’re talking all about colors and emotions and the relationship that they have with one another. You may not know this, but colors and emotions are specially linked in our brains in such a way that wearing, seeing, and even just thinking about certain colors can evoke certain emotions to come out. The study of this phenomenon is known as color psychology and in different cultures, there are various interpretations of what different colors mean and what kind of feelings they evoke. In this post, we’re going to be giving you a little inspiration on some aesthetic graphic tees to wear so you can perfectly show off to everyone exactly what kind of mood you’re in. Check out our entire t shirt collection that features graphic long sleeve shirts, graphic crop tops, and plenty more on our site at to see all the amazing color options we have to choose from!

Red Graphic Tees

Warm colors in general like red, yellow, and orange tend to evoke high arousal emotions from one end of the spectrum to the other. Want to show your extreme anger or frustration? Red is the perfect choice to convey just how intense things are getting. Want to show you’re madly in love and blinded by romance? Wear a red graphic t shirt to display your passion and everyone will know it! Check out some of our red graphic tees below to see which one fits your mood.

Pink Graphic Tees

Have you got a soft, sweet, and compassionate side you’d like to show off? With a pink graphic t shirt on, you’ll be giving off some calm and gentle vibes. Soothe your soul, ease your mind, and put yourself at peace by checking out some of our pink graphic tees for yourself!

Yellow Graphic Tees

Spread joy, laughter, and nothing but good vibes by brightening up your daily fit with a yellow graphic tee. As a warm color, yellow can provoke strong feelings of happiness and optimism and will always have you looking on the bright side. Show off your positive personality and creativity by adding some yellow graphic tees to your wardrobe.

Blue Graphic Tees

Let’s be real. Not every day is full of sunshine and rainbows – sometimes we’re feeling down in the dumps. Show off you’re feeling blue or add a calming presence to the room with your fit by adding a blue graphic shirt to your casual look. Blue is a cool color so the feelings that this color evokes are much more grounded, laid-back, and not as intense compared to a warm color. The color blue is typically associated with calmness, focus, indifference, and sadness but yet still manages to be many people’s favorite color.

Green Graphic Tees

If you’ve got money on your mind and an envious personality, then a green graphic t shirt is the way for you to show off your mood. Wearing a green graphic tee has been known to evoke an envious side of people along with showing their greed and jealousy. But don’t give green such a bad rap, you can go green to show off just how much you love adventure and the great outdoors with any graphic tee or graphic long sleeve. 

Purple Graphic Tees

Introverts love the color purple! Whether you’ve got anxious vibes, fear of the unknown, or are just the overall quiet type, wearing a purple graphic tee is a great way to let everyone know exactly what kind of mood you’re in. If you’re feeling classy, purple is also a great option to show off just how noble you are and be treated like royalty. It’s a color usually associated with wealth and will have you feeling your best.

Black Graphic Tees

Black is the absence of color making it a perfect neutral option to wear with any type of outfit! If you want to show off your mysterious side or just simply want to look a bit more professional, you can never go wrong with a black graphic tee. The color black represents power, strength, and authority and people will tend to see you as a respectable figure when wearing it. Black and white graphic tees are the most neutral you can get and you can never go wrong with rocking it.

White Graphic Tees

Remember what we said about black graphic tees? Well, some of the same things can be said for white graphic tees. Wearing a white graphic tee is always a great choice for staying neutral while also showing your peaceful and calm attitude. The color white has been used to represent purity and innocence and provides a wholesome look in some instances.

Tie-Dye Graphic Tees

Can’t seem to get a grip on your emotions? Don’t know how you’re feeling and just don’t really seem to care? Rock yourself a tie-dye graphic tee and show off all your vibrant moods. A tie-dye graphic tee is full of color and various designs so it’s perfect for someone who can’t be put into just one box. Tie-dye graphic tees are a great way to show off your fun-loving personality and also show you’re accepting of all.

Our collection of graphic tees and long sleeve graphic tees feature plenty of hilarious options to show off whatever mood or attitude you’re feeling. Pick up a different color for every day of the week and there’s no doubt you’ll be looking fly. Check out our entire collection at for tees and merch from all your favorite artists. We’re sure it’ll put you in a good mood!