As the days grow shorter and we approach the season of brisk mornings, spooky stories, and pumpkin spice, it may be time to assess if you’ve done everything you wanted to do this summer! Did you get outside and enjoy the sunshine? Did you get in a sufficient amount of relaxation? Did you eat your fill of cold treats? If you feel that you still have more to get done before summer is over, you’ve come to the right place! Check out just a few of the things you can do that require little to no planning, and make these last few weeks of summer count.

Outdoor Activities for Sunny Summer Days

When the sun is shining and the weather is warm, take advantage and get outside! Below are a few reasons to get outside when the summer weather is still in full swing:

Have a beach day:

If you’re fortunate enough to live near a body of water, beach days are one of the hallmark activities of summer. Grab your swim trunks, towel, and sunscreen, and get ready to hit the sand and surf! Looking to really show off your summer style the next time you hit the beach? From summer-ready bucket hats to hilarious tees and everything in between, we’ve got everything you need to ensure you’re rocking your best summer fit.

Go on a hike:

If you want to get tuned in with nature, exploring a nearby hiking trail is a great way to do so! Luckily for you, no matter where you are across the country, North America is home to some of the most beautiful natural landmarks in the world. From coast to coast, there are hiking trails in just about every corner of the country, so get out there and explore. The vast array of diverse plants and animals you’ll see (depending on where you venture) is truly jaw-dropping! Most importantly, if you’re planning a day of strenuous activity, ensure that you’re packing all of your essentials and staying hydrated throughout the day.

Attend a drive-in movie:

If the weather’s nice, why not head outside for your next movie night? Drive-in movies are a great way to experience cinema during the summertime! Assemble your crew, check your local theater’s listings, choose your desired flick, and get ready for a movie experience unlike any other! Before you head over, make sure you’ve got everything you need: namely blankets (if the weather gets chilly once the sun sets) and snacks, of course!

Plan a picnic or barbecue:

One of the best things about summer is enjoying classic summertime foods. Burgers, hot dogs, grilled veggies, fresh fruits, s’mores… Is anyone else drooling? Before the warm weather leaves us, have a few more meals outside to really soak up that sun while you enjoy some of your favorite foods. Whether you put together a picnic basket and take your food on the go or host a barbecue in your very own backyard, food always tastes better in the summertime. If you see some inspiration on refreshing drink options to pair with your food, we’ve got you covered.

Eat some ice cream:

What goes better with a hot, summer’s day than a cool, refreshing treat? We certainly can’t think of anything that even comes close. Well, there’s only a few more weeks left of summer, so get as many scoops in as you can before we’re all just trying to stay warm in a few months! And sure, you can have ice cream year-round… but it just hits different in the summer, doesn’t it? Do you have a favorite ice cream flavor? Check out our post and find out what your favorite ice cream flavor says about your personality!

Indoor Activities for Rainy Summer Days

While we all wish for consistently sunny summer days, that’s not always the case. With the heat comes humidity, and with humidity comes rainfall and, oftentimes, thunderstorms. If your day in the sun gets rained out, fear not! There’s still plenty to do inside while your lawn gets some much-needed relief from the scorching heat.

Watch a movie:

Picture this: The sound of pouring rain outside your window, ambient lighting in your room, your favorite beverage and snack by your side, and the opening credits of a movie you’ve been itching to see playing on your screen. I mean, what could be better? Turn your next gloomy, rainy day into a relaxing movie day, and enjoy the cinema experience from the comfort of your own home.

Build a pillow fort:

Everything’s more fun in a pillow fort, right? Many of us have some experience in constructing pillow forts and there’s no time like a rainy day to put those skills to the test. Create a pillow fort that child-you would be proud to call their own, put on your comfiest loungewear, and then the rest is up to you! Watch a movie, play video games, read a book, enjoy a snack… The possibilities are endless in your fortress of coziness.

Bake lots of treats:

If you’re going to spend the day inside, make the most of it and whip up some delicious treats to enjoy throughout the day! Baking snacks or desserts is a fun, cozy way to spend a rainy day, and as an added bonus, it makes your whole house smell amazing in the process. Whether you’re baking cookies, brownies, cupcakes, or something else entirely, a gloomy day is sure to be enhanced by the presence of warm, freshly-baked snacks!

Have a game night:

Spend your rainy day with your favorite people by your side and host a game night! Complete with beverages, snacks, and good company, a game night is a perfect way to keep the good times going no matter the weather. Need an exciting new game or puzzle to break out at your next game night? We’ve got you covered! From board games and puzzles to party and drinking games, Spencer’s has something for every game night.

Read a book:

Relax to the max and cuddle up with your favorite book on your next rainy day in! With a warm beverage by your side, a blanket to keep you nice and cozy, and nothing but relaxation on your mind, you’ll get engrossed in your page-turning story with ease.

Do you feel motivated to make these last few weeks of summer count? Enjoy the warm weather and sunshine while it’s still around, and after that… we’ll catch you after hibernation season.