Lingerie comes in all styles, colors, and sizes. It’s used in various exciting ways to add some extra excitement into the bedroom and is a great way to have you feeling your sexiest. Choosing to get dressed up in sexy lingerie is empowering and will have you feeling more confident than ever before.

Lingerie is often made of delicate, lightweight materials such as satin or lace and may be embellished with other adornments, so it needs special attention when it comes to care and storage. Want to know more? Check out our complete Lingerie Guide to learn all you need to know! If you’re trying to keep your lingerie looking its absolute best, be sure to follow these lingerie care tips below and you’ll keep your finest undergarments fresh and ready for action.

How to wash your lingerie

The most common and recommended way to clean lingerie is gently by hand. Follow these simple steps below to keep your lingerie in good condition even after extended use.

  1. Place lingerie in lukewarm water to remove dirt and oils
  2. Gently hand wash (use gentle detergent if necessary)
  3. Soak for a few minutes
  4. Rinse
  5. Hang dry, do not fold

When to clean your lingerie

We recommend cleaning your lingerie after every use.  Avoid over-washing and excessive scrubbing to minimize damage to your lingerie and the delicate material it is made from.

How to store your lingerie

Storing your lingerie correctly is just as important for its longevity. Always make sure to fold your bras properly to help avoid the cups from being crushed and bent out of shape. Always store bras with the hooks attached to avoid them attaching to other delicate items. Stack the cups on top of one another and you’ll have more space to store other lingerie pieces. Be sure to check for wrinkles and use a steamer to remove them before wearing. For extra delicate outfits for special occasions, you can also hang your lingerie in the closet to avoid the chance of wrinkles.

How to remove stains from lingerie

If just water isn’t doing the trick you can add a little bit of a gentle detergent to your water bath to better clean your lingerie. Use your hands to gently work the soapy water into your delicates and that should do the trick! We recommended using cold water for this as hot water may set the stain.

How to dry your lingerie

Never wring out your lingerie to remove the water. Instead, use a dry towel and roll up or pat down your lingerie to remove any excess moisture. It is always recommended to air-dry your lingerie for the best results, but if you must use a dryer then we recommended using the cool setting instead of the warm. Always check your care tag before using a drying machine.

With these tips above you’ll keep your favorite lingerie fresh, clean, and always ready for action. For intimate tips, lingerie guides, and more be sure to check out our blog at The Inspo Spot. For our entire collection of toys, lingerie, cleaners, and more check out our sex and wellness section only at Spencer’