Want to give your favorite member of the LGBTQ+ community or ally a gift they’ll love? Look no further than our picks for the best in LGBTQ+ apparel, accessories, jewelry, drinkware, and pride flags. Everyone will know that your loved one reps the rainbow and is proud of who they are when they’re seen rocking these LGBTQ+ pride items. Plus, giving one of these gifts will let them know that you honor and respect their identity. That’s the ultimate holiday win/win!

LGBTQ+ Apparel

Love Is Love Rainbow Jersey

This jersey says it all! For your friend or family member who’s part of the LGBTQIA+ community or an alley, this Love Is Love message is one they’ll want to wear loud and proud.

White Team Pride Jersey

Let them show their pride all year long with this team pride jersey!

Daddy Crop Top Jersey

Ooooh, Daddy! This sexy crop top jersey with “Daddy” spelled out in rainbow colors is the perfect gear for them to wear on dates, to clubs, or anywhere else.

Rainbow Pride Flag Heart Skirt

They’ll look totally fashionable in this black rainbow pride flag heart skirt! With its rainbow heart and stripes, this mini skirt is sure to turn heads whenever they wear it.

Rainbow Daddy Shorts

Bottoms up! They’ll love showing off their booty in these rainbow daddy shorts. For a friend who’s always fashion-forward, these shorts make a perfect gift.

LGBTQ+ Jewelry

Lesbian Pride Heart Rings – 5 Pack

She’ll love wearing these fun lesbian pride heart rings, which allow various ways to mix and match.

She They Pronouns Dangle Earrings

Let their earrings do the talking. Show you support your friend’s pronouns and fashion sense with these she they dangle earrings.

He They Pronouns Dangle Earrings

For the friend who’d rather have their earrings announce their pronouns, these he they dangle earrings make a perfect gift.

Rainbow Heart Chain Dangle Pride Earrings

Give a gift that’s colorful, fun, and proud with these cute rainbow heart chain dangle earrings! They’re sure to be your friend’s new favorite jewelry.

Rainbow Pride Dangle Earrings

They’re sure to love these cute heart rainbow pride earrings! These fun earrings are a stylish accessory that goes with any outfit.

LGBTQ+ Drinkware

Pride Love is Love Cup with Straw – 24 oz.

They’ll always be hydrated as they show off their pride with this large cup! This love is love cup is perfect for keeping near their desk, in their car, or anywhere else.

Proud AF Rainbow Coffee Mug – 20 oz.

For your friend who needs their caffeine fix every day, this proud AF rainbow coffee mug makes a thoughtful gift that’s sure to brighten their mornings!

Sounds Gay I’m In Pride Shot Glass – 1.5 oz.

Make any party they’re throwing instantly more fun when you give this Sounds Gay I’m In shot glass!

Not Just a Phase Pride Shot Glass – 2 oz.

Queer up their next drink with this not just a phase shot glass! This fun shot glass makes a wonderful present for anyone who lives by the lunar calendar.

Rainbow Penis Shot Glass – 1.4 oz.

For a friend who likes to party, this rainbow penis shot glass is sure to get everyone in a happy mood!

Other LGBTQ+ Gifts

Queer Tarot Cards and Guidebook

With its queer interpretations of classic tarot cards, this deck and guidebook is just the right gift for anyone who loves tarot readings. Filled with sample spreads and LGBTQ+ stories, this tarot set will be one they consult often.

Rainbow Pride Chakra Dream Catcher

For your friend who always has vivid dreams, give this rainbow dream catcher to help them sleep easy.

Rainbow Pride Flag

They’ll be honored to hang this rainbow pride flag indoors or outdoors to let everyone who visits or passes by know they’re a supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Pride Gloomy Bear Plush

For your pop-culture-loving LGBTQIA+ friend, this rainbow-colored Gloomy Bear plush makes a super thoughtful gift. They can give this Gloomy Bear plush toy pride of place in their bedroom, living room, or anywhere else in their home.

Rainbow Pride Fan

Help them stay cool in every sense of the word with this rainbow pride fan! This convenient fan is the perfect accessory for any outdoor festival or any hot day.

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