Looking for one simple, easy step to make sex sizzle? Add some lube to your love life! Yes, a little lubrication may be just what you need to take your sexual adventures to the next level, and allow you to enjoy sex even more.

First, you should know that anyone of any gender can use lube. Personal lubricant reduces friction and can be used during intercourse, anal sex, or manual stimulation, as well as with sex toys. It can be used during partner sex or during masturbation.

Next, let’s clear up the misconception that a woman’s natural juices will always be enough to provide proper slipperiness, even when she’s aroused. Sometimes, they may, but other times, she may want to have sex but her body isn’t quite there yet or if she’s experiencing vaginal dryness. Here’s where lube comes in! A few drops applied to her genitals or a sex toy, fingers or a penis and voila—sex just got a whole lot more enjoyable.

This liquid provides a silky sensation, adding to or supplementing her natural wetness. You can start with a little to feel sleek and smooth, and can always add more as needed. Sexuality educator Sari Locker, Ph.D., told SELF, that many women “use lubrication simply for a new sensation during sex.” Lube can be an occasional helper in the bedroom or a regular part of your sex life.

The great thing about lube is that it’s not specific to any single sex act, although it’s a must for anal sex because the anal canal isn’t self-lubricating. We want to emphasize that you can use it during a hand job, intercourse, masturbation, a massage or any sexual act. You can use it any time you want to skin-on-skin action or sex toy use to simply have less friction.

If you’re the type who likes sex to go on for a long time, lube can help extend your pleasure by making the process slick and smooth. Silicone-based lubes tend to last longer, so if you’re planning a longer sex session, that may be the way to go. Maybe you want an evening of lovemaking, where you take breaks in between for kissing, foreplay and cuddling. The right lube can make these leisurely types of sex dates go on and on and on. They’re also wonderful when you’re on your own and need a little helping hand.

If you and your partner love oral sex, you can make giving head even more sensual and exciting with the addition of some flavored lube. We’ve got sampler packs so you can try all sorts of sweet and sexy treats on your tongue, or pick a favorite. Drizzle a little along your lover’s body, then have them watch as you sensually lick it off. Or try a power move by combining a hand job, aided by a few drops of your favorite lube, with some oral caresses, and they’ll be utterly blissed out at all the sensations you’re offering them.

If you love sex toys (and who doesn’t?) and want to revel in every inch of your new vibrator, dildo or butt plug, applying some lube (preferably water-based, which is compatible with all sex toys) can ensure a smooth entry so you can focus on enjoying yourself.

As stated above, anal sex is something many people are curious about, but don’t always know where to start. Here’s where lube is truly your friend! You can test it out on yourself or a lover by massaging their anus with a small amount of lube, taking your time to ensure they’re enjoying it. You’ll quickly find out just how essential lube is, as it allows you to insert larger toys (or more fingers) if you so choose. There’s even specifically designed anal lubes that are intended to be long-lasting and good for anal sex or using anal toys like butt plugs.

If you want to get out of a rut and experiment in the bedroom, heat things up—literally—with some warming lube. Just add some warming lube to your partner’s skin, then rub or blow on it to create a warming sensation. A bonus: You can also use a warming lube or lotion for a regular back massage. If it takes a sexy turn, well, you’ve got more lube handy.

Do a little exploring before selecting your personal lubricant to make sure it fits with your needs. If you’re using latex condoms, only use a water-based or silicone-based lube. You can add a drop of lube into the tip of the condom to add to his pleasure, as well as some on the outside to lessen friction during intercourse. 

Spencer’s offers every type of lube so whatever type of sex you’re having, on your own or with a partner, it will feel even better and last as long as your desire!