Ready to talk dirty but not sure what to say? Spencer’s is here to help! If you’re curious about spicing up your next phone sex or sexting session with some racy words, we’ve got you covered. We’ve left some strategic blank spaces for you to fill in your naughty words of choice. The best part about dirty talk? You can ad-lib as you see where the conversation goes!

You can adapt this script using your own favorite dirty talk phrases and live out your fantasies. So if you’re into kinky sex but aren’t sure how to tell your partner, add a bondage toy like a blindfold or maybe a paddle into the mix and see how they react. If there’s a sex position you’ve been wanting to try, weave that in. These dirty talk examples let you customize what you say to make it personalized to you and whoever you’re talking to. If you’re someone whose sex drive takes a little while to get into gear, dirty talk gives you room and time to ease into foreplay.

If you find that you’re especially nervous, we recommend starting with the phone sex dirty talk example first. This way, you can focus on using your seductive words without worrying about what you look like. All you have to do is listen to what they say in response; also focus on your partner’s breathing and any background noises. It can be easier to tell your partner something you’ve been wanting to say when you have a little distance from them.

Rather than simply blurting out your biggest sexual fantasy, you can slowly build up to it. For example, while your partner might now know how to respond if you demand, “pull my hair,” the minute you see them, if you ease them into it, they might be more open to it. If you’re not quite ready to reveal those fantasies, you can also role play as doctor/nurse, teacher/student, or other pairings. Sometimes taking on the role of a character may embolden you and make you feel comfortable as you get used to speaking so openly.

Below you’ll find a dirty talk script that’s perfect for phone sex:

It’s great to hear your voice. I know this might sound like a cliché, but what are you wearing?

Oh, a ______. That sounds ______. What color is it? What does it feel like? I’m wearing _____.

You’re getting me all hot and bothered. I keep thinking about your _____. What do you think about that?

I’ve been thinking about you, especially kissing your _____. Would you like that?

[If they say yes] What kind of kiss do you want—light and gentle, or more intense?

[if they say no] Is there somewhere else on your body you’d like me to kiss you?

I think we should both take off one item of clothing. You get to pick which item I take off and I’ll pick which you take off, until we’re totally naked.

You want me to remove my _____. Interesting choice. There, it’s done and my _____ is/are totally bare. Now I want you to take off your _____ so I can ____ to you.

[Keep removing your clothes one piece at a time, keeping up the banter.]

You’ve made me so ____. I really want to touch my ____. What do you think about that?

I have something here, a ____, I think you’d enjoy. It ____ when you _____. Would you like to try it sometime?

I’m going to use this _____ and tell you what it feels like.

Now let’s _____ ourselves until we ______. Are you ready?

This is a dirty talk script for in-person sexy time.

[Walk up to them wherever they are and whisper in their ear.]

Hi, _____. [Use either their name or a nickname you have for them]. I’m so _____ for you right now I can’t think about anything else. Let’s forget about _____ and ______ instead.

We don’t need to move; we can do it right here. What do you say?

I’m so glad you’re into this. I’ve been thinking about you all day, especially about _____ing your _____. Would you like to try that?

This feels so good, even better than I was imagining. How does it feel to you?

That’s so hot. How about we take off some clothes? Why don’t you start with ____?

I love how your bare ______ look(s). What do you want me to take off?

[Continue this until you’re both as naked as you want to be.]

I think we should use some _______. Why don’t you rub it on me and then ______?

That feels amazing. Now I want to ______ you.

Do you think we should stay here or go _____?

[Once you’re in the heat of the moment, you can continue in the same vein.]

I can’t believe how _____ you are.

There’s something I’d like to try while we’re ______. Would you be willing to _____ [insert sex position or activity] me?

Oh my goodness, you touching my ____ feels better than I could have imagined. I feel like I’m going to ____ soon.

I want to make you feel this good. What would you like me to do next?

You’re incredible. That was the hottest ____ of my life.

So there you have it, our cheat sheet with dirty talk examples that makes it easy to seduce your partner and spice up your sex life. Feel free to adapt this script as it suits you and your partner(s). Whether you have sexual fantasies you want to try out in real life, or simply talking about them turns you on, now you have the tools to bring them up in conversation and see where things go.

Be open to new possibilities; by learning more about what turns your partner on (and vice versa), you build intimacy and get to know one another on an even deeper level. This may or may not lead to trying new sex positions or having new sexual experiences. Right now, all you have to do is start the conversation. Once your partner hears you kick things off, they’ll know they have permission to reveal things they may not have told you before. Don’t feel like you have to say any specific dirty word; the key is more about using phone sex or in-person talk to set a specific mood, one where each of you is totally comfortable.

And if you’re looking for any sex toys help fill in any of the blanks, Spencer’s carries everything you need to spice things up in the bedroom or any other room of the house.