T shirts are timeless wardrobe staples. In addition to being soft to the touch and easy to care for, your tees say a lot about your personality. Oversized t shirts have been dominating the style scene lately, and we think it’s the best news since stretch denim. While there’s a special place in our hearts for skin-tight crop tops, we all have days that call for loose, breathable clothes that we can move in.

Here are just a few ways to wear an oversized t shirt without looking sloppy:

Balance a loose t shirt with form-fitting bottoms

Ease into the oversized t shirt trend by balancing a loose top with tight bottoms. Faux leather leggings, skinny jeans, or a body-hugging midi skirt will work perfectly to offset the casual feel of a baggy t shirt. Lug sole loafers or combat boots work best with this laid-back look.

Wear a t shirt as a dress

The t shirt dress delivers a high-fashion look with minimal effort. Grab the biggest t shirt you can find. Look for a fit that hits somewhere between your knees and upper thighs. Pair your t shirt dress with thigh-high boots, thigh-high socks and sneakers, or leggings and ankle booties. Add a chunky metallic necklace to complete the look.

Add a belt to your t shirt

For a relaxed look with a little bit of structure, add a slim belt to your t shirt. A belt worn at your natural waist (the smallest part of your torso) will help to accentuate your shape. As an added bonus, choosing a belt provides you with an opportunity to add an interesting color or material to an otherwise plain outfit. Reach for a mixed-media chain belt or an edgy studded belt to elevate your t shirt-based look.

Knot a t shirt

This flattering look is a great way to make even a loose, distressed, or wrinkled t shirt look polished. Find an oversized t shirt that falls below your natural waist. Gather the excess material above your waistline, and start to twist. Once you have a tightly wound length of t shirt, knot it above your belly button. Gently tug at the knot to loosen it if desired. For a fun variation on this look, try tying a knot at your back or side instead!

Tuck your t shirt into your pants

Tucking your t shirt into your pants is a small but transformative move that draws the eye to your waistline. A simple tuck looks great with high-waisted jeans or a pleated mini skirt.

For a half-tuck (sometimes called a French tuck), tuck the front portion of your t shirt into your pants. Generally, the tucked-in portion of your t shirt should be about the width of two palms. For a full tuck, tuck your shirt completely into your pants and lift your arms above your head to loosen the fit.

Tuck your t shirt into your bra

For a cropped look that doesn’t require scissors, tuck the bottom of your t shirt into the underband of your bra. This style allows you to control how much midriff you want to show. We love this look paired with a choker necklace and loose-fitting distressed jeans.

Get creative with your t shirts, and don’t be afraid to experiment with sizes that are much larger than what you’re used to wearing! Go big or go home.