Once the confetti settles and the champagne is gone, how do you celebrate the start of a new year? Life-changing resolutions are admirable, but not everyone has the time, the resources, or even the need for them. Small changes can be powerful, and you can start making them right now!

National Clean Your Desk Day falls on the second Monday of each January (January 10th this year). It sounds like a silly concept, but it’s an excellent opportunity to crush a realistic and attainable goal. Don’t have a desk? No problem. Identify the place where you tend to spend the most time reading, writing, or thinking. Let’s optimize your workspace.

Cut the Clutter

Start by removing everything from your workspace. Clean up and discard any dust, dirt, or trash. Make two piles: one for things you’d like to keep, and another for things you plan to get rid of.

Having trouble deciding what to keep and what to toss? Ask yourself how often you use each item and what kind of condition it’s in. Old stacks of paper, full notebooks, and novels that you read over a decade ago are all items that can be trashed, recycled, or donated.

Add this wise Buddha sign to your space as a reminder to let shit go when necessary.

Choose Lighting That Works for You

Light does much more than enable us to see what’s in front of us. For example, blue light can promote energy, natural light can boost feelings of happiness, and warm light can encourage relaxation. If you’ve been using the same old lamp for years, consider swapping it out for something that better suits your needs.

In addition to being absolutely mesmerizing, lava lamps are excellent relaxation tools. Before you send that angrily-worded email, stare at your lava lamp for a few minutes. Let your troubles melt into the bubbles.

This black and white swirl lava lamp provides just the right amount of soft light.

Surround Yourself With Good Scents

Awaken your senses with incense or candles. Even if you work in a flame-free office space, keep these pleasant-smelling things nearby to sniff whenever you wish. You may even start to associate your favorite smells with hard work and productivity!

This sweet-smelling berry blast incense provides an instant escape from your ordinary workspace. Close your eyes, exhale, and slowly breathe in the refreshing scent of sugared berries. When you open your eyes, you’ll be ready to get back on task!

Show Off Your Personality

Your surroundings are a reflection of your personality. A tidy workspace doesn’t have to be boring. Pick a framed picture of your friends, a personalized mouse pad, or a mug that makes you smile. This item should serve as a reminder that you’re more than just a worker and a doer; you’re a one-of-a-kind person.

This dreamy astrology-inspired mug holds your favorite drinks and looks great sitting on your desk. Turn a hectic day into a manageable one with a hot cup of tea!

Embrace Change

Learn to make small changes each day. When you feel stuck creatively, it’s time to change your environment. Add things to your workspace that encourage you to play, laugh, and think freely. We can’t wait to see how you customize your space!