A change of season is upon us, and that’s nature’s way of telling you to start changing up your t shirt collection!

I know what you’re thinking. You’re already overwhelmed by your growing pile of laundry, and what about that one drawer that won’t close all the way because it’s packed to the brim with old tees?

It’s time to part ways with your little league baseball and summer camp t shirts from over a decade ago and add a few new pieces that make you look and feel good.

Not sure how to choose the right t shirts for you? Here are five tips on how to make your t shirt style reflect your personality:

  1. Get the Fit Right

Your t shirt should neither be too tight nor too loose.

Lift your arms above your head. If your midriff is exposed, your t shirt is too small. Alternatively, take a look at one of your shoulder seams. This seam should run from your t shirt’s neckline to the very top of your arm. If it extends down your upper arm, your t shirt is too big.

If “polished” and “tailored” are words that you’d never use to describe your style, try sizing your t shirt WAY up! We love the look of a slouchy tee over camouflage leggings, or a belted XXL t shirt paired with a studded choker necklace and combat boots.

With shoulder seams extending from the neckline to the top of the arms, and the waistline hitting just below the belt buckle, the Avatar Aang Zuko T Shirt fits just right.

  • Feel the Music

A t shirt can say a lot about you. Whether it says, “I have no idea how to remove pizza stains from clothing” or “I have excellent taste in music” is entirely up to you.

We love music t shirts not just because they look rad, but because they bring like-minded people together. Nothing beats the feeling of spotting a fellow Post Malone fan in a crowd.  You see them, you smile, and you acknowledge each other with a knowing nod that says, “I was just listening to ‘Circles’ in my car at full volume with the windows down.”

Our model cuffs the sleeves and tucks the waistline of this Post Malone Live T Shirt for a put-together look.

  • Raise Your Voice

Now more than ever, people are speaking out about important social issues. When you feel good about the message splashed across your chest, you’re more likely to walk with your shoulders back and head held high. Confidence is key when it comes to making any outfit look good!

Send a powerful message in this Racist People Suck T Shirt.

  • Less is More

Consider your whole outfit before choosing the right t shirt. Do you plan to wear your tee on its own, or will you style it with your favorite moto jacket or blazer? If your goal is to put together a chic ensemble for a night on the town, opt for simple, understated graphics and dark colors. This allows your carefully curated accessories and fresh new denim to take center stage.

This Ew T Shirt features a minimalist, centered graphic that makes it perfect for layering under your favorite leather jacket.

  • Smile!

At Spencer’s, we believe that life should be fun. You know you’ve chosen a good t shirt when it makes you laugh every time you wear it. There’s just something about a funny t shirt that makes the burden of school, bills, and work a little bit lighter. Stock your drawers with tees that are just ridiculous enough to make you (and everyone who sees you) chuckle, and you’re guaranteed to have more fun.

ray of fucking sunshine t shirt
It’s no surprise that this funny Ray of Fucking Sunshine T Shirt is one of our best sellers.

Whether you value comfort, style, or durability when it comes to t shirts, we’ve got your back. Our t shirt categories include TV, movie, gaming, anime, pop culture, horror, and so much more! They will carry you from coffee shops to class to the couch and back while keeping your t shirt style on point.