There’s just something about the end of summer and start of fall that inspires change. Long, sunny days give way to cool nights that are sometimes better spent indoors with good tunes and the very best vibes only.

If you’ve watched the news for more than five minutes lately, you know that the world is changing! Let your style and your surroundings evolve along with it. You can’t control everything that happens outside of your front door, but you can create an environment for yourself that encourages relaxation, creativity, and happiness.

Whether you’re heading back to school or just want to refresh your nest in preparation for a cozy season ahead, Spencer’s has all of the small things you need to make big changes to your space.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you!

Pillows, please

Mystic Arts Pillow

mystic arts pillow

Just as the lunar phases gradually change, so does your taste in décor. Throw this inviting Mystic Arts Pillow on your bed to let the moon and stars guide you to sleep, or toss one at each end of your couch to give it a spellbinding lift. Pro tip: this pillow looks like pure magic next to a few thoughtfully placed pillar candles!

Reptar Smash Pillow

Reptar smash pillow Rugrats

Remember when your only responsibility was to turn on the TV in time to catch your favorite cartoon? Fill your space with nostalgic pieces like this Rugrats Reptar Smash Pillow to remind you of the joys of simpler times! Life is less stressful when you own a pillow with your favorite cartoon dinosaur on it. It’s science.

Art after your Own Heart

Ohm Tapestry

ohm tapestry

Goodbye, boring walls. Not only do tapestries completely transform the color and energy of a space, but they act as great backdrops for pictures with the squad. This vibrant Ohm Tapestry will turn your room into the Zen den of your dreams.

Tree of Life Incense Burner

tree of life incense burner

In addition to looking super cool on your coffee table, this Tree of Life Incense Burner lets you fill your space with intoxicating scents. Burn lavender to chill out, sandalwood to focus, or patchouli to lift your spirits. As if by magic, smoke flows downward throughout this incense burner to create a mesmerizing river-like effect. It’s the gravity-defying conversation piece you didn’t know you needed.

Let There Be Light!

Sound Activated Plasma Light Ball

sound activated plasma light ball

You know that feeling of awe that comes with watching a lightning storm? The Sound Activated Plasma Light Ball brings the same ambiance into your bedroom. Ditch your overhead lighting for a change and let this electrifying lamp take the lead. Featuring sound-responsive technology, this light ball kicks into overdrive when the music and the conversation are flowing.

Oil Slick Lava Lamp

oil slick lava lamp

It’s no secret that we at Spencer’s love our lava lamps, but do you know why? Dim your lights, plug in the Oil Slick Lava Lamp, and you’ll understand! The gentle glow of a lava lamp helps to reduce eye strain and inspire calmness. Let the chaos of your day melt away as you stare into the hypnotizing glow of your lava lamp.

Create an atmosphere that you can’t wait to come home to. Sometimes a new fleece blanket or a unique piece of wall art is all it takes to help you to relax, recharge, and reset. We can’t wait to see how you revitalize your living space!