What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal therapy has been used for centuries to help treat various ailments holistically. Their use dates back to Ancient Egypt where crystals were used to purge evil spirits. According to experts, crystals act as a healing property because they allow positive, fruitful energy to flow within the body. If you’re looking for ways to realign your energy, find out which crystals may help you reach your goals!

Crystals for Health:

Clear Quartz:

This crystal is also referred to as a “master healer.” It is said to amplify memory, increase focus, and help balance your energetic system. Clear quartz is used for manifestation and emotional stability in meditative and restorative work.


Jasper is clear quartz’s counterpart, often referred to as the “supreme nurturer.” Typically red in nature, this stone is said to empower the spirit and help you fight through stress. It promotes courage, quick thinking, and confidence while absorbing negative emotions to make sure that you are your most successful self.


Malachite’s intricate marbled pattern reflects the complexities of life and is known as the “stone of transformation.” Use this stone to clear away negative energies so that you can heal from any emotional pain.


An intensely protective stone that promotes qualities of strength, clarity, and compassion. Obsidian is believed to assist in processing emotions and aid in the art of letting things go.


Purple in color, amethyst is said to be incredibly healing, and protective. Along with helping to ease the mind of negative thoughts, it’s also helpful in seeking a restful night’s sleep. If bad dreams are something you experience, amethyst may help cleanse your dream world.

Crystals for Wealth:

Tiger’s Eye:

Tiger’s eye is the stone of motivation and helps to rid your body of anxieties and self-doubt. This stone can come in handy when making decisions about career changes, or even matters of the heart.


Bring joy, wonder, and enthusiasm in your life with citrine! This stone enhances mindfulness qualities and increases concentration so you can feel more optimistic about your day-to-day.


This blue stone is one of wisdom and royalty, and has been a prized gemstone since 800 BC. It’s said to attract prosperity, happiness and peace while providing clarity.


Jade is a route for an abundantly blessed life and gives courage to those who are facing hardship. Many people use this stone to promote strength, luck, and good health.

Crystals for Love:

Rose Quartz:

Known as the “stone of love,” rose quartz is thought to support emotional and relationship healing. Keeping this stone in your everyday life encourages love and trust in those around you.


Moonstone represents inner clarity, cultivates empathy towards yourself, and a connection with the feminine side of things. It’s closely linked to themes of femininity such as fertility, balance and intuition.


This pearlescent stone encourages optimism, creativity, and enthusiasm. This allows for the release of inhibitions which inspires love and passion.


Ruby is known as the stone of sexuality and that is reflected in the gem’s deep red color. For centuries, the ruby has represented passion, protection, and wealth.

More Information on Healing Crystals and Crystal FAQ

How to select your crystals:

Choosing what stones you like to keep with you isn’t complex; it can be as simple as going with the stone’s beauty that most draws you in. Identify goals you’d like to achieve and what aspects of life you feel you’re missing. If you are searching for a new career, find a stone that aligns with those goals! Take time to reflect within yourself and let your intuition guide you.

How to care for crystals:

Upkeeping your crystals is relatively easy. When you first bring a crystal home, cleansing it to remove negative energy is essential. Store your crystals in a clean, dry place like a cloth bag. Or have them on display. You can cleanse, recharge, or re-instate your goal whenever you feel it’s necessary. We recommend cleansing your crystals once a month with the full moon to make for the easiest reminder.

How to charge your crystals:

Charging your crystals allows them to work their magic longer before they need to be cleansed again. There are various methods for charging your crystals, so find a way that works for you! Moonlight is one of the most common charging methods; set your stones in the direct moonlight of a full moon, and they will charge in its light.

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