Calling all lovers of witchy things! If you’re looking for a new aesthetic to inspire your wardrobe and space, why not try witchcore? Here at Spencer’s, we are obsessed with this aesthetic, and we think you will be, too. So, what exactly is witchcore? Witchcore, also known as whimsigoth, is an aesthetic tied to witchcraft. It’s mysterious, captivating, and oh-so enchanting – and we’d expect nothing less from a witch, right? Check out some of our favorite apparel, décor, and accessories that fit the witchcore style, and get ready to add some whimsigoth vibes to your life.

Cozy up your covenstead

One of the key facets of the witchcore aesthetic is a marriage between the natural and supernatural. Decorating your space with entirely natural elements, like potted plants and flowers, may be more in line with the cottagecore aesthetic, while decorating with mainly supernatural elements will give your space a more gothic feel. At its core, whimsigoth is tied into energy, and your space should reflect that. Ensure that your décor pieces flow together in such a way that exudes feelings of comfort and connectedness. Plants and crystals are key components of the witchcore aesthetic, but little additions like sage or an incense burner and comfy blankets and pillows will take your space to the next level.

Line your shelves with books and cards for your mystical studies

A witch’s study wouldn’t be complete without books relating to witchcraft sitting atop the shelves! If you’re in need of magical books to peruse in your free time, you’ve come to the right place. From mysterious spell books to guides on healing stones and crystals, Spencer’s has you covered with all the essentials for your enchanting studies. Books like these are the perfect touch for any witchy space and will show all of your visitors that you’re the real deal when it comes to witchcraft! Most importantly, they will expand your knowledge into fascinating, mystical new realms. If your shelf still feels like it’s missing something, tarot cards are another great addition to your space! Browse our huge selection of tarot card decks and choose your favorite, or pick up the below deck which was designed with the modern witch in mind.

Adorn your walls with mystical hanging décor

Transform any wall into an eye-catching celestial scene and bring the night sky into your very own space with lunar dream catchers and signs, cosmic tapestries, and more. As we’ve mentioned, witchcore has a huge nature component to its aesthetic. By hanging plants from your walls and ceiling, utilizing low, ambient lighting, burning incense, sage, and candles, and tailoring your décor around a natural aesthetic that emanates good energy and comfortable vibes, your space will become a rejuvenating, holistic sanctuary. If you don’t have a green thumb, fake plants will work, too, but keeping live plants around has been proven to improve air quality in your home and reduce stress! Once your space is decorated from floor to ceiling with witchy decorations, you’re sure to see (and feel) a difference in the energy of your home.

What’s brewing in the kitchen?

Your whimsigoth décor doesn’t need to end in your bedroom or living space! Your kitchen is another perfect space to liven up with some witchcore vibes – witches are notorious for brewing, after all, right? Transforming your kitchen into a witch’s workspace is not as difficult as you might think! First and foremost, put your ingredients in mason jars and display them around your kitchen. Keeping your spices, herbs, and other essentials in jars really adds to the witchy nature of a space and will make it look like you’re ready to whip out the cauldron at a moment’s notice for your next potion-making session. From wall décor to drinkware and other practical décor options, we’ve got all the kitchen décor essentials a witch could ask for.

Bring some whimsigoth vibes to your wardrobe with witchy apparel and accessories

So, now that your living space totally fits the witchcore aesthetic… what about your wardrobe? When it comes to fashion, a witch’s wardrobe should be eye-catching, captivating, and, of course, stylish. Here at Spencer’s, we’ve got a mystical array of apparel and accessories that fits the whimsigoth aesthetic perfectly. From tees and tights to jewelry, wallets, and more, we carry styles for any witch looking to take on their day with a bold, new look. As a bonus, when you’re perusing your spell books, concocting your next brew, or just chilling in your magical space, you’ll look the part, too!

Are you ready to hop aboard the witchcore trend? Tag us @spencers and tell us your favorite additions that you’ve made to your whimsigoth space!