If there are two things that we are absolutely sure of, it’s that we love Steven Rhodes and that we can’t live without our beloved morning coffee! If you’re just as big a fan of these two things as we are then you’re in luck! In honor of the launch of some new exclusive additions to our Steven Rhodes collection, we’re going to be showing off some of our favorite Steven Rhodes tees, explaining why coffee is LIFE, and telling you exactly what your favorite type of coffee says about your personality and why Spencer’s is the perfect destination for all things Steven Rhodes.

Black Coffee

If you’re a fan of taking your morning brew black, then you’re probably someone who enjoys the simple things in life. You like efficiency and don’t like changing up routines. Some would say you’re a straight shooter and always look at situations logically. Others might call you old-school or stubborn but really you’re just comfortable in your ways. People can always come to you for advice because you’re decisive and don’t let emotions cloud your judgment. 

Witches’ Brew T Shirt

Witches Brew T Shirt

If black coffee is your thing, then you’ll love cooking up some black magic with this officially licensed Steven Rhodes Witches’ Brew T Shirt.

Latte (cream & sugar)

If you can’t have your coffee without adding in some extra cream and sugar, then there’s a really good chance you’re a latte drinker.  An ultimate people pleaser who hates to disappoint, you’re always ready to lend a helping hand when needed. You can be indecisive at times but you have a kind heart with good intentions that’s always seeking approval. You’re a great friend, but you can tend to sometimes forget to take care of yourself first. An open book always seeking comfort, you’re always a great time to be around.

Sell Your Soul T Shirt

Sell Your Soul T Shirt

Being the ultimate giver makes this Sell Your Soul T Shirt the perfect choice to go with your latte.

Instant Coffee

If you tend to lean towards instant coffee, then you’re definitely someone who’s in a hurry. You’re a bit of a procrastinator who can sometimes be a little bit too laid back. You’re considered the fun friend because of your “down for whatever, go with the flow attitude” and your spontaneous spirit. You aren’t the most organized, or the best planner but you always try to make the most out of any situation. High-maintenance is not your style and being genuine is what you’re all about.

Let’s Call the Exorcist T Shirt

Let's Call the Exorcist T Shirt

There’s a first time for everything and when worst comes to worst just wing it. Those are the two mottos you live by which is why this Let’s Call the Exorcist T Shirt is just what you need.


If you always rely on an extra shot of espresso to get you through your mornings, then you’re probably always working. You like to get things done and have very little room for games or distraction. Your big and bold personality always draws attention when you walk into a room and there’s no mistaking your presence. You’re a hell of a leader but sometimes you can forget to relax and enjoy the simple things in life. You’re a talker who knows exactly how to get what you want and when you have a plan you stick by it and execute. If someone wants something done right, you’re the person people will come to.

Let’s Summon Demons Long Sleeve T Shirt

Let's Summon Demons Long Sleeve T Shirt

Being productive is what you’re all about. How about trying to summon some demons with this Let’s Summon Demons Long Sleeve T Shirt.


If a hot fresh cappuccino is your thing, then some might consider you the high-maintenance sophisticated type. You might be a bit of a control freak and tend to worry about the little things. Your sensitive nature makes you obsessive and sometimes prone to overthinking things. You’re always on alert and will err on the side of caution when dealing with a stressful situation.  You’re most likely titled the “responsible one” in your friend group.

Electrokinesis for Beginners T Shirt

Electrokinesis for Beginners T Shirt

Being in control is your specialty so this Electrokinesis for Beginners will fit perfectly into your wardrobe.

Frozen Coffee Drinks/Iced Coffee

If you prefer the sweet refreshing taste of a cold blended coffee drink, then you’re definitely a little on the wild side. Your search for adventure is undeniable and you’re always down to try something new. You’re always first to know what’s popular and trending but can be a bit naïve with your free-thinking. You’re a kind soul who loves to live life to the fullest but can sometimes find yourself in trouble because of your recklessness.

Cult Music Sing-Along T Shirt

Cult Music Sing Along T Shirt

You’re just along for the ride and ready for a good time. You’re unpredictable, and no one knows what you’ll be up to next, show everyone why with this Cult Music Sing-Along T Shirt.

You know what they say: “you are what you eat” or drink in this case. Whatever kind of coffee you prefer, we don’t judge. At the end of the day, we’re all alike and can agree that coffee is LIFE! And there’s nothing we enjoy more than sipping on our favorite brew and rocking our favorite Steven Rhodes tees. Which coffee and tee combo are you? Tag us in a pic of you wearing your favorite tee and drinking your favorite coffee @Spencer’s. We love to see it.