We’re all longing for a simpler era, and wishing we had the ability to turn back the clock and become a kid again. While we can’t offer you a way to do that, we might just have the next best thing here at Spencer’s!

We’ve compiled this list of our 11 favorite nostalgic items and gifts that immediately evoke the ‘90s! The ‘90s kids in your life will absolutely love the selection of shirts, blankets, lunchboxes, and backpacks we’ve included in this list.

Made In The '90s Nickelodeon T- Shirt

If you were made in the ’90s, just like Rugrats, Hey Arnold, and Ren & Stimpy, this shirt is an absolute perfect fit for you. Featuring fan-favorite characters like Reptar, Daggett, and Eliza Thornberry, only ‘90s kids will get this tee!

Fight Tom and Jerry T-Shirt

Everyone’s favorite cat and mouse duo team up to make the perfect tee. This blue shirt is a great way to show off your fandom for a nostalgic classic!

How You Doin’ T- Shirt - Friends

You’ll definitely be able to channel your inner Joey Tribbiani when you’re rocking this shirt, which features an image of Joey uttering his iconic “How you doin’” line. Watching Friends may have never gone out of style, but ’90s kids did it first!

Munchies Run Scooby-Doo T-Shirt

Rep the Mystery Incorporated crew with this awesome Scooby-Doo tee. Featuring a design with Scooby and Shaggy heading out on a “Munchies Run,” this shirt is a perfect gift for fans of the Hanna-Barbera classic!

Seinfeld T-Shirt

If you were around in the ’90s, you definitely had an opinion on the self-proclaimed show about nothing. Grab this tee and give it to a Seinfeld fan who loves Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer.

Gotta Go Fast T-Shirt – Sonic the Hedgehog

Were you a Sega kid in the ’90s? A lover of Sonic the Hedgehog, notoriously known as the blue blur? If this sounds like you or someone you know, this Sonic shirt is a perfect gift to buy. Everyone who reads it will be instantly reminded of Sonic uttering his iconic catchphrase: “Gotta go fast!”

Friends Cast Fleece Blanket - Friends

Liven up a room with this fleece blanket, which has an image of the entire Friends cast from the very beginning of the series. This makes for a perfect gift for a fan of the show.

Roll top Nick Rewind Lunch Box - Nickelodeon

Give someone the perfect way to keep their food fresh with this roll top lunch box. It’s covered in sketches of characters from classic ‘90s Nickelodeon shows like Rugrats and Rocko’s Modern Life, making it the ideal way for ’90s kids to carry around their lunch.

Reptar Fleece Blanket – Rugrats

Make a room look cooler than that orange Rugrats VHS tape with this Reptar fleece blanket! The bright green dinosaur pops out from the electric blue background of the blanket, making this a must-have décor item.

Tie Dye Nickelodeon Backpack

This backpack would make for a fantastic nostalgic gift! The tie-dye design screams “’90s,” and so does the backpack’s inclusion of characters like Phil and Lil from Rugrats and Dog from CatDog! Carry essentials around in a way that lets everyone know about your ‘90s kid status.

Tune Squad Backpack - Space Jam

Rounding out this gift guide, we have a backpack from the classic movie Space Jam! A ’90s favorite, this Michael Jordan classic makes for as good a backpack as it does a film. The bag has a minimalist design, making it look just like a Tune Squad jersey! Pack up and kick some Monstar butt on the court!

There you have it – 11 gifts absolutely perfect to give to the ’90s kid in your life that you can get at Spencer’s.

Grab these gifts and feel the nostalgia.