Sometimes you need a discreet sex toy that you can walk around with or leave out in the open (with only you knowing its true naughty potential). Thankfully, Spencer’s has a wide range of adult toys disguised as other items. This means that if someone opens your bedside drawer, you forget to put a stroker or vibrator away, an intimate item falls out of your purse, or you happen to be holding it when you open the door (yes, this happens!), there’s nothing to worry about. You can rest assured that what you do in private is your sexy little secret. Whether you live with roommates, are going on vacation, or simply want to keep your sex play habits to yourself, we’ve got you covered. Of course, all of our adult toys are always shipped in discreet packaging, so the contents are totally private.

Secret Love Panty Vibrator 2.0 – Hott Love Extreme

Ready for a wild time? This panty vibrator is your sexy little secret. Amp up your pleasure by handing the remote control over to your partner so you never know which powerful sensation is coming next!

Multi-Function Moxie Waterproof Panty Vibrator 2.8 Inch – We-Vibe

This powerful panty vibrator from We-Vibe is another discreet way to have some sexy fun! This sleek silicone vibrator is the perfect way to enjoy strong vibrations right where you want them with no one the wiser!

Discreet AF Wireless Remote Control Bullet Vibrator – 3.3 Inch

Any time you’re in the mood, this exciting bullet vibrator is ready to provide explosive excitement! Choose among its 10 different vibration functions, or give your partner the remote and let them pick which way you’ll reach your peak.

Mini Magic 7 Function Bullet Vibrator 2.4 Inch – Hott Love Extreme

For proof that sexy things can come in small packages, look no further than the mini magic bullet vibrator! With seven options of vibrations to choose from, you’ll always feel amazing whenever you use this powerful sex toy.

So Ultra 28-Function Remote Control Bullet Vibrator 2.8 Inch – Hott Love Extreme

Mix up your sexual thrills whenever you use this So Ultra bullet vibrator, which has a whopping 28 different vibration functions! Pick your pleasure and indulge your desires with this quiet vibrator that delivers exactly what you want every time.

Pink Rose Clitoral Vibrator 3 Inch – ROMP

This pink rose clitoral vibrator is ready to make you moan! With its fun shape and powerful petals, this rechargeable sex toy is always up for action. If you’re all about clitoral sensations, you can’t go wrong with this thrilling vibe!

Full Bloom Rechargeable Tongue Vibrator 3 Inch – Hott Love Extreme

Ready to get licked until you tip over the edge? This Full Bloom tongue vibrator is sure to be your new bedroom BFF. This vibrator has 10 different vibration patterns to choose from. Mix it up or find your favorite, lie back, and let this powerful oral sex toy take you where you want to go!

Smirk 7-Function Rechargeable Waterproof Tongue Vibrator 2.8 Inch – Oona

Love oral sex? Of course you do! The Smirk tongue vibrator keeps on licking for as long as you want it to! With 7 different vibration functions, you can customize the sensations and let this powerful tongue ply you with pleasure until you reach your peak.

These are our top incognito sex toy picks, but if you’re looking for more, check out all of our discreet vibrators! Have any questions about which one is right for you? Visit our resident sexpert Ask Jackie for help with making your selection! And check out all of our sex tips right here at The Inspo Spot!