Ladies, we know you always want to be fashionable, even at school, so we’ve gathered our best cute backpacks for girls to help guide you. Whether you like to coordinate your outfits to your backpack, show off your favorite movies or TV shows or simply look totally cute, we’ve got you covered!

Spencer’s knows style, and we offer all the most eye-catching and colorful 2020 girls backpacks to make your life convenient and accessorized. Keep reading to see our top picks, as well as other items like face masks and lunch boxes to make your back to school season totally stylish.

Fashion Backpacks

checkered rose backpack

Checkered Rose Backpack

This pretty backpack features red roses against a black and white checkered background for a stylish bag that will have you feeling flowery!

checkered sunflower backpack

Checkered Sunflower Backpack

Brighten up your day when you carry your books and supplies in this cute sunflower backpack.

Pop Culture Backpacks

Loungefly Stitch Backpack - Disney

Loungefly Stitch Backpack – Disney

This cute Stitch backpack is the perfect addition for any Lilo & Stitch fan.

Jack and Sally Roses The Nightmare Before Christmas Backpack

Jack and Sally Roses Backpack – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Celebrate your favorite movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, with this black backpack featuring Jack Skellington and Sally.

scenes Friends backpack

Scenes Backpack – Friends

How you doin’? Revisit Joey, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Chandler and Monica when you’re at school or hanging with your favorite group of friends.

Face Masks

life kinda sucks face mask

Life Kinda Sucks Face Mask

Sometimes, well, life does kinda suck. Be real and make everyone smile in commiseration.

smiley face print face mask

Smiley Face Print Face Mask

Your friends may not be able to see you smile, but they’ll know you’re in a happy mood when you put on this smiley face mask.

Lunch Boxes and Bags

checkered rose lunch box

Checkered Rose Lunch Box

Match your backpack to your lunch box with this pretty red rose checker pattern.

checkered sunflower lunch box

Checkered Sunflower Lunch Box

Go flower power all the way with this colorful, bright sunflower lunch box.

rolltop Central Perk Friends lunch box

Rolltop Central Perk Lunch Box – Friends

Join your own friends and make your cafeteria into your own personal Central Perk with this lunch box.

More Back to School Essentials

Jack and Sally Wrist Pouch - The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack and Sally Wrist Pouch – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Carry everything from your makeup to tampons, keys and other essentials in this fun pouch featuring your favorite movie pair, Jack Skellington and Sally.

Starcourt Mall Stranger Things Coffee Mug

Starcourt Mall Stranger Things Coffee Mug

This fun Stranger Things mug is the perfect way to get your morning caffeine to help you hit the books.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie slippers

Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie Slippers – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Can’t decide between your favorite NBC characters? With these slippers, you don’t have to.

Stitch Slippers - Lilo & Stitch

Stitch Slippers – Lilo & Stitch

Keeping your feet warm while hanging with your ohana or friends in these cute slippers.

So, ladies, there you have it: our picks for the best girls cute backpacks and other items for the school year and beyond.