Put on those thinking caps and get ready to hit that buzzer like you mean it because we’re talking all about trivia! We love trivia night here at Spencer’s because it’s always a great way to get the whole family and friends involved in some good old classic fun. Whether you choose to go out to the bar with some friends or invite some over for trivia night at home, you’ll have a blast putting your smarts to the test. With the weather getting colder, there’s no better opportunity to get those competitive juices flowing than with a friendly game of trivia. In this post, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about throwing your very own trivia night so you can prove to everyone you truly are a know-it-all. With so many different topics to explore and different variations of trivia games to play, you and your friends will be in for hours of fun!

Choose a format

Having a great trivia night starts with picking out which type of trivia game you’re going to play. Test your skills in your own homebrew version of Jeopardy or play any version of your favorite Trivial Pursuit game for a fun-filled night of questions! If you’re feeling really creative you can create your own trivia game based on some of your favorites to really put your knowledge and creativity to the test. Just make sure you decide if you’ll be playing in teams or individually and get ready for the first question!

Choose a theme

Choosing a theme will be the backbone of your trivia night so make sure you choose something that you think everyone will enjoy. Whether your crowd is a fan of music, sports, movies, or they enjoy a mixed bag of general topics, making sure you nail a theme is key for a good and fair night of fun. There’s no doubt that choosing a proper theme can make or break your trivia night so be sure to put some decent thought into what kind of questions you’ll be asking. This is your chance to really make things interesting and make the game completely your own.

Choose a Host

If you’re going to be an active participant in your own trivia night, then you will need to select someone you deem fit to be your honorary host. The host has the most important job of the night and is the one in charge of asking all the questions and keeping the game flowing smoothly. The host will always have the final say on all answers during gameplay and what they say goes, so be sure you get on their good side before the game starts to make sure you have the advantage!  Having a good and enthusiastic host truly makes a difference in how the night plays out and will affect how engaged your contestants are in the fun. You’ll usually know right away whether or not you’ve got a decent host on your hands so be sure to choose someone that you know can do a good job.


Give the people something to play for when you entice them with some awesome prizes. Making sure you have a great prize to award at the end of the night is a foolproof way to get people to come out and give it their all.  Prizes are also a great way to turn any first-timers into trivia night regulars. Nothing wrong with a little bribing! You’ll have friends hitting you up every week wondering when they get another chance to take home the grand prize and you’ll increase your odds of having a better guest turnout.

Who will take home the trivia crown during your next trivia night? Prove you’re the ultimate smarty pants once and for all by flexing those brain muscles and taking home that prize. Make trivia night a recurring thing and you and your pals will have something awesome to look forward to every week! Be sure to check out The Inspo Spot for more party ideas and other awesome content. For more party games, gag gifts, décor, and more check out our entire collection at Spencers.com.