Excitement is in the air as the weather gets warmer and summertime approaches. If you’re looking for an epic way to celebrate the start of summer, you’ve come to the right place! This year we’re kicking off the season with a little thing we call The Backyard BBQ Showdown. This is a tournament that consists of three of the most fun and competitive outdoor drinking games ever, and concludes with the ultimate barbecue feast! The winner gets bragging rights all summer long. After a long winter, it’s finally time to party in the sun.

Crunk Cornhole

Crunk Cornhole is our updated version of a classic summer party game! To play, you will need to buy or make your own cornhole set (two cornhole boards, four cornhole bean bags). Here’s how to play once you have everything you need:

  • Set up the game how you normally would, with two cornhole boards that face each other (spread about 20 feet apart).
  • Each player gets two bean bags to throw per round.
  • When a bean bag lands on the board, it counts as one point. When a bean bag goes through the hole in the board, it counts as three points. If the bean bag misses the board, it’s worth 0 points.
  • Here’s the catch: If you score a three-pointer, your opponent has to take a sip of their drink! If they score a three-pointer on you, you drink.
  • There are three total rounds per matchup. Add up your points from each round and whoever has the higher score wins!
  • The player that wins the most matches wins this event!

Jam and Flip

Jam and Flip is essentially musical chairs for adults. To play, all you need is red solo cups, a table or flat surface, your favorite summertime beverages, and some awesome jams. Here are the rules:

  • Everyone that is playing must fill their cup with a sip of their favorite beverage.
  • Players must dance around the table with their cup in hand while the music plays.
  • When the music stops, players must drink their beverage and flip their cups.
  • Whoever is the last person to successfully flip their cup is eliminated
  • Like musical chairs, the last person standing wins the game!

Beer Pong Bash

It wouldn’t be a summer celebration without a little beer pong action! If you haven’t played beer pong before or you need a refresher on the rules, check out our beer pong guide and learn the official rules. Spencer’s has you covered on all your beer pong needs, includes tables, balls, and cups!

Once the games are finished, it’s time for the celebratory feast! Cook up your favorite barbecue classics and enjoy the good food and great company. When it comes to your party needs, you can always count on Spencer’s. Get ready for the best summer yet!