Ready or not, a new school year is coming in hot. You can’t slow down the sweet days of summer, but you can make sure you’re totally prepared to go back to school with finesse. From room and dorm décor to the freshest graphic tees in the game, Spencer’s has everything you didn’t even know you needed.

Here are a few essential ideas to consider when you go back-to-school shopping this year:

Transform Your Space

Need an escape after a long day of classes? Lava lamps are not only mesmerizing to look at, but they add a touch of soothing nostalgia to the grind of everyday modern life. And just as your living space likely doubles as a work or study zone, lava lamps combine funky fashion and essential function into one luminous package.

Reward yourself with an organized room filled with accents that make you feel recharged; an electrifying plasma ball is sure to do the trick! If you’re more of a flower child, plug in your groovy daisy USB lamp while you listen to your favorite ’70s music.

And of course, no room is complete without posters that showcase your great taste in movies and music. Whether you’re into action-packed films or legendary rap artists, we have just the posters that your walls have been missing. Our easy poster mounts make hanging posters a breeze, so you can change your posters as often as you change your mind.

Gather up the Graphic Tees

If you’re ready to change up your wardrobe without draining your bank account, start by investing in new graphic tees. Represent your favorite bands, musicians, icons, and TV shows by making graphic tees a part of your daily style rotation.

T shirts never go out of style, and you can dress them up or down depending on your mood. For a casual but polished look, pair dress pants with your favorite band tee. Alternatively, size up in your favorite movie t shirt and pair it with joggers or a mini skirt.

For those with a passion for totally unique fashion, try cutting or dyeing your graphic tees – there’s no wrong way to do it! Making fashion choices should be a process that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. You can find the clothes and accessories that make you feel like the life of the party at Spencer’s!

Accessories Galore

A little jewelry can go a long way, and there is no such thing as too much. Creating a personalized look can be as easy as finding pieces you love and layering them on. Start with a statement necklace and add pieces that complement it. Metallic horseshoes and captives, dainty lip and labret rings, and colorful eyebrow rings have the power to make any outfit look amazing.

Backpacks Are Back

You’re going to use your backpack almost every day, so find one that you love! Tap into our collection of premium-quality backpacks suited for every taste. At Spencer’s, we know what makes a good backpack. Ours have tons of space, sturdy zippers, and all the hottest prints and patterns you want. Whether you’re into Killer Klowns from Outer Space or fun floral patterns, we’ve got the backpack of your dreams.

Here’s to a rockin’ school year filled with authentic style and memories that’ll last a lifetime!