Art is everywhere. Paintings, architecture, cinema, and music surround us not only at museums and in theaters, but on city streets and in public parks. It starts as an idea and takes shape as a big bronze bull in New York City or a giant reflective bean in Chicago.

On October 25th, we celebrate International Artist Day. On this day, we honor the artists who turn their life experiences, dreams, and opinions into works of art. Art encourages thoughtful conversation, powerful emotion, and real change.

At Spencer’s, one of our favorite ways to celebrate art is to wear it. You don’t have to prove your love of art by spending thousands of dollars on grand oil paintings. In fact, showing your appreciation for design and creativity can be as simple as wearing a t shirt.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite artists whose unique and inspired designs can be found on our most-loved t shirts.


Deniart is inspired by all things dark and surreal. This Occult Bat T Shirt features a highly detailed bat graphic shrouded in thought-provoking symbols like crescent moons and an alluring eye. We see enticing drama and oddly satisfying symmetry. What do you see?

von Kowen

A creator of dark art, von Kowen expertly balances the grim with the humorous. This Overgrown T Shirt combines cracked skulls with thriving mushrooms. The sinister scene could be interpreted as a statement about the cyclical nature of life and death. Does it make your head spin?

Steven Rhodes

Steven Rhodes knows how to evoke emotion with his art. Rhodes, a mega-popular illustrator based in Australia, blends humor, nostalgia, and darkness into every one of his designs.

This Making New Friends T Shirt draws inspiration from all things retro. At first glance, it looks like a vintage children’s guide to social skills. Look closer, however, and you’ll see a little boy introducing himself to a ghost. You can find this and other hilarious graphic tees in our Steven Rhodes collection!

Akasha Shrine

Akasha Shrine describes their work as “psychedelic clothing for hippies & stoners.”

Color, dimension, and intricate detail make Akasha Shrine’s designs appear to leap from their canvases like wild fever dreams come true. This Moon Mushroom T Shirt incorporates hyperrealistic mushrooms, crystals, and moon phases. The closer you look, the further you’ll trip.

Kawaii Krypt

Kawaii Krypt makes creepy look cute. Dreamy shades of cotton candy and grinning monsters work together to create paradoxical masterpieces. Kittens, knives, pastels, and pentagrams define Kawaii Krypt’s adorably disturbing aesthetic.

This Recipe T Shirt features a blue-haired enchantress with a blood-spattered dress and a tiny skull cupcake.

Thiago Corrêa

Thiago Corrêa is an illustrator and visual artist based in Brazil whose artwork incorporates mysticism, cats, and a healthy dose of humor. Take the spiritual depth of tarot cards and the playful image of a cat deliberately knocking wine glasses off of a table and you’ve got Thiago Corrêa’s unique brand of design.

This Cat Lovers T Shirt depicts Baphomet snuggling with a smiling cat. The disarming design reminds us that even mythical beasts love cats.

Art has the ability to unify people through expression where words fall short. You can celebrate art by wearing it, creating it, or simply taking a moment to appreciate it when you spot it!

Now that you’ve read about some of our favorite artists and their designs, here are a few FAQs that will help you find your perfect t shirt.

Spencer’s T Shirt FAQs

Q: What is unisex sizing?

A: Unisex sizing is based on men’s measurements. For a fitted look, order one size smaller.

Q: I usually wear a women’s size medium. What size t shirt should I order in unisex sizing?

A: Because unisex sizing is based on men’s measurements, a person who wears a women’s size medium should order a unisex size small.

Q: How should I wash my t shirt?

A: Generally, cotton t shirts can be machine washed and tumble-dried on a low heat setting. For best results, follow the care instructions on your t shirt’s label.

Q: Can I iron my t shirt?

A: Generally, a cotton t shirt can be ironed on a low heat setting. For graphic tees, turn the t shirt inside out and iron. Do not apply heat directly to graphics.  

Q: How should I style my t shirt?

A: Wear your t shirt as-is for a laid-back style. Knot it at the waist for an unexpected twist, cut off the sleeves to show off your arms, or tuck it into your pants for a flattering look.

Q: How should I store my t shirt?

A: To keep your t shirt looking its best, carefully fold it and store it in a drawer or on a shelf. Avoid putting your t shirt on a hanger, as gravity can cause it to stretch and fade.