The holiday season is in full swing! It’s time to bake sugar cookies, crank up the Christmas music, and tune in to your favorite Christmas movies. Get ready to relax! Don’t forget to string up the Christmas lights (you’ll need a good ladder), decorate the Christmas tree (where’d all the ornament hooks go?), clean the house (Grandma’s in town!), and buy gifts for everyone on your Christmas list (you did make a list, right?).

Okay, so the holidays can be a little stressful sometimes. We’re here to take the guesswork out of gift-giving with a breakdown of guaranteed-to-please gifts for every age group. Whether you’re shopping for your best friend, your yoga instructor, or your crazy uncle, we’ve got you covered!

Gifts for Ages 15 – 17

Likes: Staying on top of the trends

Dislikes: Spending a ton of money

Gifts for Ages 18 – 20

Likes: Personalizing their living space

Dislikes: Keeping real plants alive

Gifts for Ages 21 – 23

Likes: Basement parties

Dislikes: 8 a.m. classes

Gifts for Ages 24 – 26

Likes: Traveling to new places

Dislikes: Phone calls that could have been text messages

Gifts for Ages 27 – 29

Likes: Getting organized

Dislikes: Turning into their parents

Gifts for Ages 30 – 32

Likes: Décor that inspires quality conversation

Dislikes: “Live, laugh, love” wall art

Gifts for Ages 33 – 35

Likes: Canceling plans

Dislikes: Robocalls

Gifts for Ages 36+

Likes: Trying new things in the bedroom

Dislikes: Trying new things in the kitchen

When it comes to gift-giving, it’s truly the thought that counts. Don’t hesitate to ask your friend or loved one what they’re into these days and work from there. Most importantly, have fun making new holiday memories with your favorite people!