With Rick and Morty airing its sixth season, we wanted to take a moment to rave about how much we’re enjoying the latest shenanigans! Rick and Morty never fails to deliver with their weekly zany adventures, wacky characters, and their hilarious meta commentary. With a cast full of unforgettable characters that only seems to grow each week, we could go on all day about some of our favorite characters and developing plotlines.

In honor of the second half of season 6, we’re going to give you our very own list of five reasons why we love Rick and Morty. Meeting unknown alien species, seeing Rick’s latest invention, or venturing off to distant planets are only the tip of the iceberg for this show. And of course how could we forget to mention good old Jerry. Check out our list below and see if you love Rick and Morty just as much as we do!

The Writing

There’s no doubt that the writers for Rick and Morty know EXACTLY what they’re doing. Whether things are planned out in advance or written on the fly, the writing of this show is always so impressive. Its jokes are smart, witty, and don’t talk down to its audience. Whether it’s a plot-driven canon-focused episode or a one-off adventure to a distant planet, the quality of writing of this cartoon is unmatched and always makes us eager to rewatch some of our favorite episodes to catch something we missed! The writers of Rick and Morty do a great job of balancing canon episodes with more episodic adventures which helps make this the perfect show to watch anytime!

No other show features post-credit scenes as hilarious and unforgettable as Rick and Morty. These post-credit scenes always tie in with the rest of the episode and leave you on a final hilarious note. These may be short but if you’ve seen any for yourself then you know they’re always worth waiting after the credits for!

The Characters

Since Rick and Morty takes place in so many different dimensions and on so many different planets there’s no surprise that we meet all kinds of crazy characters along the way. Some characters are around more than others but there are always the few that are unforgettable. Rick and Morty has given us fan favorites such as Mr. Meeseeks (look at meee!), Mr. Poopybutthole, and Bird Person just to name a few.

But we can’t talk about Rick and Morty without mentioning good old Jerry! Jerry Smith is just a simple man who wants to live a simple life with his simple family. Let’s face it—we’re all Jerry on occasion, and as pathetic as he may seem at times it makes us love him all the more for it. Don’t worry, we’re all rooting for you, Jerry!

The World Building

Rick and Morty takes places in hundreds of different dimensions and on various strange planets. With Rick’s portal technology and his trusty spaceship at his disposal, no place is ever too far out of reach. Whether you’re a huge fan of Boob World like Morty, want to take over the citadel like Evil Morty, or just want to have a day of fun at Blitz and Chips like Rick, you never know where Rick and Morty’s latest adventure will take place. Each different planet is inhabited by all kinds of different alien species and it’s always a blast revisiting old locations to visit some old friends, as much as Rick hates going places twice! The addition of interdimensional cable also gives viewers a glimpse of what life is like in the various different realities that exist in Rick and Morty. No background details are skipped out on and the vibrant colors and environments of these distant planets always make for a creative setting for some of our favorite moments.

Rick’s Inventions

Having the smartest man in the universe as your grandfather definitely has its perks. Rick’s knack for invention always seems to drive the plot forward. Whether he’s warping through dimensions with his portal gun or taking down enemies with his augmented body parts, it seems like every episode we see Rick pull out something new from his arsenal, and he always seems to impress.

Real Life Crossover

Rick and Morty is filled with all types of dark humor and pop culture references so no one is safe from being the butt end of Rick’s jokes. It’s truly amazing how seamlessly the show weaves in its pop culture references and to see how Rick and Morty has crossed over into the mainstream media. Whether it’s a Wendy’s food commercial, PlayStation commercial, or another hilarious dig at the MCU, Rick always seems to find a way to poke fun at what’s relevant.

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