From life-changing career decisions to short-term dinner plans, we’re faced with tough choices every day. Sometimes when we’re feeling stuck, we make a list of pros and cons or flip a coin, desperately hoping that a decision will reveal itself to us.

Tarot cards can guide you through the decision-making process with much deeper insight than a Magic 8 Ball. For example, a tarot card spread may prompt you to consider what excites you about a potential outcome, what your true desires are, or how your core principles might affect your decision.

Below are three tarot spreads to use when you need help deciding. Before you start, prepare your tarot deck for a fresh reading. Shuffle your deck, cleanse it in the sunlight, and knock on it three times to release old energy. Hold the deck in your hands and state your intentions for the reading out loud.

One-Card Tarot Spread for Quick Decisions

You’ve been looking for a new apartment for weeks when your phone rings. Your real estate agent has just found a newly renovated studio apartment in the heart of the city. A lot of people are interested in the listing, however, so you’ll have to decide whether to put in an application right now. You love the idea of living in the city, but the apartment is way outside of your budget.

First, think about what you want to ask your tarot cards. Avoid “yes” or “no” questions. Instead, ask how you should approach the situation, where you should go next, or what you should do to arrive at a conclusion.

Question example: How can I be sure that I’m ready to move to the city right now?

Consider your question as you hold your cards. Shuffle your deck and choose a card that feels right. Use your deck’s guidebook and your intuition to interpret the card’s meaning.

Card example: You draw The Hanged card from the Tarot Del Toro deck. The Tarot Del Toro guidebook states that “The Hanged dwells in limbo.” Further, it says, “It can only do one thing: wait.”

Interpretation example: One interpretation of this card may be that you should wait before making a definitive decision about moving into a new apartment. Perhaps you should consider refreshing your current living space or saving some money before signing a new lease!

Two-Card Tarot Card Spread for Yes or No Questions

The biggest concert of the year is happening next week, and every one of your friends will be there. There’s just one problem: the concert falls on the same day as your mom’s birthday.

It’s been a long time since you experienced the heart-pounding rush of live music. Plus, this is your favorite artist we’re talking about. You absolutely must attend this concert. But wasn’t it just last week that your mom asked you to do something special with her on her birthday? What should you do?

Shuffle your tarot deck and concentrate on this conflict. Should you go to the concert? Draw two cards from the deck and place them facedown, one vertically and the other horizontally directly beneath it. The first card represents your situation or question, and the second card represents the challenge at hand.

Card examples: You draw The High Priestess and The Fool from the Mystic Mondays Tarot Card deck. The High Priestess represents wisdom and can be a reminder to trust your intuition. The Fool symbolizes new beginnings and encourages the release of preconceived ideas.

Interpretation example: The situation is embodied by The High Priestess. You want to see this concert, but your intuition tells you that celebrating your mom is important to you. The challenge is represented by The Fool. You fear that this may be your only opportunity to see your favorite artist in concert, but won’t there be other shows? Let go of the preconceived idea that you may be missing out on the best concert ever with your friends and remain open to the idea that spending time with your mom could be just as fulfilling.

Three-Card Tarot Spread for Resolving Relationship Conflicts

Your girlfriend has been dropping hints about getting engaged, but you’re not sure if you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with her. While you love her, you know that your long-term plans are much different from hers.

In this three-card tarot spread, you’ll be asking three questions: What do you want? What does your partner want? How will this decision shape your future?

Shuffle your deck of cards while thinking deeply about the questions you want to ask. What do you really want? When you’re ready, choose three cards from the deck.

Card examples: You draw Ierathel, Metatron, and Cahethel from the Angel Tarot Cards. The Angel Tarot guidebook associates Ierathel as the preventing god, Metatron represents the recording angel, and Cahethel, the adored god, is said to bring divine blessings and drive evil spirit and ill intentions away.

Interpretation example: You asked what you want, and the tarot deck presented you with the preventing god, Ierathel. This guardian angel wants you to have peace. Pulling this card might mean that you’re on the right path, and that marrying your girlfriend may bring good energy.

As far as what your partner wants, the revelation of the Metatron angel card may indicate that your girlfriend is ready for a leap of faith in this relationship. This could mean that she is emotionally and practically ready for marriage!

Finally, the question of how this decision will shape your future was answered with Cahethel. Cahethel, the adored god, represents divine blessings and works hard to drive away evil spirits from your life. This may mean that you and your girlfriend are a good match for one another.

There are no right or wrong answers when interpreting tarot cards. Take your time as you reflect on your unique situation and use your intuition and guidebook to gain clarity.

Remain open and have fun exploring the wise world of tarot! For a deeper look at tarot cards and their meanings, check out Tarot: Exploring the Major Arcana and our Guide to Tarot Cards. If you’re looking for a new deck for those all-important decisions, check out our wide selection of tarot cards.