Sometimes actions speak louder than words, and a kiss is one of the loudest ways to express affection. A kiss can send a powerful message, the meaning of which can only be truly understood by its consenting participants.

While kisses have to be felt firsthand in order to be interpreted, some of their features are considered universal.

Here are a few of the most popular types of kisses and what they may mean!

1. Lip Kiss

What is a lip kiss? A lip kiss is exactly what it sounds like – a lip-to-lip kiss! There’s no tongue involved in a lip kiss, and it can range in intensity from quick and casual to deep and intimate.

What does a lip kiss mean? A hurried kiss on the lips can say something as simple as, “I’ll see you after work!” Alternatively, it can be slow, deliberate, and full of emotion as if to say, “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, and I can’t wait to see where it leads.”

Lip Kiss

2. French Kiss

What is a French kiss? A French kiss is a step up from a lip kiss. This notoriously passionate, open-mouth kiss involves a meeting of the lips with tongue-to-tongue contact.

What does a French Kiss mean? A French kiss indicates a deep desire for connection. It says, “I’m really attracted to you, and I want to be close enough to feel your body next to mine.”

3. Forehead Kiss

What is a forehead kiss? A forehead kiss is a tender kiss on someone’s forehead. It lingers just long enough to feel warm and genuine.

What does a forehead kiss mean? A forehead kiss is deeply compassionate. It generally says, “I care about you. I want to make you feel safe and supported.”

Forehead Kiss

4. Cheek Kiss

What is a cheek kiss? This is a quick peck on the cheek. A cheek kiss might come from a romantic partner, a close friend, or even your grandmother!

What does a cheek kiss mean? A kiss on the cheek is a fairly casual expression of affection. Whether you’re thrilled to see someone or you just want to remind them that they’re loved, a cheek kiss is in order.

5. Nose Kiss

What is a nose kiss? A nose kiss is a playful smooch on the nose, or the affectionate rubbing together of two noses.

What does a nose kiss mean? A kiss on the nose is a lighthearted gesture of affection. A nose kiss does not necessarily indicate a desire to get hot and heavy on the spot. It may simply mean, “I think you’re cute!”

Alternatively, rubbing your nose against someone else’s can serve as a friendly greeting.

6. Peck Kiss

What is a peck kiss? A peck is a short (and sometimes audible) kiss on the lips or cheek.

What does a peck kiss mean? A peck is a quick way to express love or gratitude. It’s common for pecks to come one at a time, or several times in quick succession!

7. Air Kiss

What is an air kiss? An air kiss takes place without physical contact. It can be simulated with the lips, “thrown” from one person to another, or “blown” from the palm of a hand.

What does an air kiss mean? An air kiss is a great way to remind someone that you love them without physically touching them. A kiss thrown or blown across a room might say, “I wish we could be closer to each other right now!”

Air Kiss

8. Butterfly Kiss

What is a butterfly kiss? A butterfly kiss is a lip-free “kiss” performed by gently fluttering one’s eyelashes against another person’s skin.

What does a butterfly kiss mean? A butterfly kiss is a sweet way to show the recipient that they’re desirable and supported. Because it’s so subtle, it requires that the participants slow down, be present, and enjoy each other’s company in order to be felt.

9. Body Kiss

What is a body kiss? A body kiss takes place on the neck, the stomach, or anywhere other than the lips.

What does a body kiss mean? A body kiss generally suggests a desire to move beyond the lip kissing stage of intimacy. It says, “I’m infatuated with your body, and I want to explore it.”

10. Genital Kiss

What is a genital kiss? A genital kiss can be a precursor to oral sex. It’s an intimate way to bring closeness and sincerity to sex.

What does a genital kiss mean? A genital kiss may take place as an act of foreplay as participants shed their vulnerabilities and get comfortable with one another. It can say, “Your body is beautiful, and I want to make you feel good.”

The next time you share a kiss with someone, take a moment to consider the meaning behind it. Whether you’ve kissed once or a thousand times, every unique kiss deserves a little bit of reflection. Pucker up!