’Tis the season to find meaningful gifts for everyone you know! It’s easy, right? Spoiler alert: it’s not.

Holiday shopping is hard, but we’re here to help. There’s one gift that’s perfect for everyone, from your closest friend to your cousin who’s back in town for the first time in 12 years: a hoodie!

Not convinced? Here are 10 reasons why hoodies are foolproof gifts.

1. It’s Easy to Find the Right Size

If you want to give someone a gift without having to ask for their size, a hoodie is a safe choice. Do your best to guess what size the gift recipient is (better yet, sneak a peek at the size tag in their coat) and order one size up. Not only are oversized hoodies comfortable, but they’re also staples in celeb street style.

2. Hoodies Are Great for Layering

When it’s too cold for a t-shirt but not quite cold enough for a coat, a hoodie provides just the right amount of warmth. When temperatures drop, pull up the hood to lock in extra heat. If you get too toasty, roll up your sleeves.

3. Hoodies Can Feel Personal

Use what you know about a person’s interests to find the best hoodie for them. At Spencer’s, we’ve got something for everyone.

4. A Hoodie Is Basically Two Gifts in One

A hoodie is a sweatshirt and a hat in one super-warm package. Name a more versatile garment. We’ll wait.

5. Hoodies Are Easy to Style

Hoodies look good with everything. Pair a hoodie with distressed jeans and white sneakers for a laid-back look, or dress it up with a blazer, tailored trousers, and a pair of loafers.

6. They Have Pockets!

Don’t know what to do with your hands? Not a problem when you’re wearing a hoodie. The front pocket of a hoodie makes for a comfortable resting place for your hands, your phone, or even a large burrito.

7. They Last for Years

Hoodies are notoriously durable, so you can rest assured that this gift will last for years to come. To extend the life of a hoodie, try washing it on a gentle cycle with cold water and drying it on low heat.

8. Hoodies Soften the Post-Holiday Letdown

The holidays demand a lot of mental and physical energy. Once they’re over, it’s normal to feel drained. A hoodie is like a warm hug that reminds us to seek comfort and practice self-care.

9. They Encourage Relaxation

After a long day at work or a swanky holiday party, slipping into a hoodie feels like permission to exhale. Kick off those heels or ditch the necktie and melt into a hoodie.

10. Hoodies Never Go Out of Style

Some fads only last for a few months (looking at you, dresses layered over jeans), but hoodies are timeless. By giving someone a hoodie, you’re giving them years of comfort and practical style!

Shop our collection of hoodies and sweatshirts to find the perfect gift. While you’re at it, grab a couple for yourself! You deserve it.