There are so many reasons to love the animated comedy Bob’s Burgers, which has been wowing audiences with its hilarious mix of a quirky family, memorable musical interludes, zany plotlines, and delicious-sounding burgers. Bob’s Burgers is about a family and the title burger joint they run. With chef Bob Belcher, his enthusiastic wife Linda, and their three kids, boy-crazy Tina, wacky Gene, and clever Louise, along with regular customers like the lovable but slightly dopey Teddy and their curmudgeonly landlord, Mr. Fischoeder. Bob’s Burgers is currently in its twelfth season, and The Bob’s Burgers Movie is hitting the big screen on May 27.

To celebrate the highly anticipated release, here are some of our favorite things we love about Bob’s Burgers:

Weekly Store Next Door – The fun starts during the opening credits, when the empty storefront next to the family restaurant sports an array of temporary store names, each more hilarious than the last. From Earth, Wind & Tires and That’s What She Sawed (Tools for Women) to a patio furniture store called Lin-Manuel’s Verandas, there’s no joke too over-the-top.

Pest Control Van – The pest control van drives by Bob’s Burgers at the start of every episode, right after the reveal of the store next door. If you thought they’d run out of extermination puns by season 12, you’d be wrong. Somehow, they manage to make us chuckle, whether it’s Two Crickets to Paradise Exterminators or She’s Super Squeaky Pest Control.

Burger of the Day – Another fun element that changes weekly is the burger of the day. These puntastic meals include such fun names as the Onion-Tended Consequences Burger, the Beets of Burden Burger, the Parma Parma Parma Chameleon Burger, and a Leek of Their Own Burger. Two of our personal favorites? The Shut Up and Swiss Me Burger and the I’m Getting Too Old For This Shishito Burger. There’s even a cookbook, Bob’s Burgers Burger Book: Real Recipes for Joke Burgers, spawned by the show.

Bob and Linda – Though they have their differences, Bob and Linda are one of the sweetest animated couples around. They work together, raise kids together, and support each other’s dreams, no matter how outlandish or far-fetched. She may not want to travel far for a rare food item or piece of kitchen equipment and he may not want to socialize, but they’re always up for rallying to give their partner some support.

Tina’s Crushes – Tina Belcher is known for her signature style and for turning any event into a chance to further her love life. Whether she’s crushing on the perpetually clueless Jimmy Junior, besotted by another boy, or checking out the body of any young man in the vicinity, Tina is the epitome of teenage longing.

Gene’s Grossness – If you can’t get enough of farts and other bodily functions, Gene’s your man. Gene is the guy who’ll say anything that pops into his head and follow his passions wherever they lead him. Gene may be gross, but he’s gross in the most charming way.

Louise’s Schemes – Louise Belcher, always in her rabbit ears hat, is the kind of kid you probably don’t want to babysit for, as she’s likely to wheedle her way into some kind of trouble. But watching her is a lot of fun because she puts her heart and a lot of ingenuity into every scheme.

The Belcher Family Dynamic – They have their differences, but for the most part, the Belchers all get along. They’re fiercely loyal and will go out of their way to help one another out of a jam and cheer them on. Yes, the kids often argue (like all kids) but they have each other’s backs and will stand up to bullies, teachers, and their school principal to make each other’s dreams come true.

Teddy – Teddy is a frequent customer of the restaurant, the kind of guy who means well but is a little too eager to insert himself into every family situation. Still, you can’t help but love how friendly Teddy is, even when he’s butting in just a little too much.

The Music – If a song and dance number can be inserted into the show, you bet Bob’s Burgers is gonna go for it. You always want to watch all the way through to the closing credits, where some of the most side-splitting action happens. These musical interludes are among the funniest aspects of the show and have to be seen to truly experience them. For a taste, check out this video of the top 10 Bob’s Burgers songs. One of our favorites? When Gene wants to put on a school show called Die Hard the Musical, but the school insists on a Working Girl remake, he does a mashup song called “Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl,” complete with Carly Simon as a guest star.

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