Are you flying solo on February 14th? Consider yourself #blessed. Sure, sometimes it’s nice to have that special someone by your side, but let’s face it; no one’s more special than you.

Ditch the dinner reservation, toss those weird conversation heart candies (why do the white ones taste like toothpaste?), and get ready to treat yourself to some serious self-care.

Here are some of the best things to do in the comfort of your own company:

1. Get Cozy on Your Own Terms

If your idea of cozy involves throwing on your favorite pair of sweatpants and cocooning yourself in three fleece blankets, then so be it. Sex is great, but have you ever occupied a six-seat sectional couch by yourself?

2. Do That Thing Your Ex Hates

Maybe your ex hated horror movies, red meat, or country music. Take some time to reflect on the things that you’ve cut out of your life in order to preserve someone else’s happiness, and give yourself permission to enjoy them again!

3. Explore Your Body

Sex isn’t just for couples. Invest in a good sex toy, find a comfortable place, and start touching yourself the way that you want to be touched. If Valentine’s Day isn’t reason enough for you to finally buy the sex toy of your dreams, February 11th is National Vibrator Day!  Have you ever taken the time to slow down and appreciate your own curves? Notice the texture of your skin and the way your breath quickens as you pleasure yourself. If you’re wearing lingerie, take the time to appreciate how it hugs your figure. You are tantalizing.

4. Text Someone Who Loves You

Having a romantic partner offers one kind of love, but all relationships are important. Tell your best friend why you appreciate them, remind your mom that you love her, or thank your coworker for making your shifts fun. Struggling to find the right words? Show your gratitude in a physical way with these long-distance beaded bracelets.

5. Create Your Own Relaxation Ritual

Be intentional in your goal to relax. Close your eyes and imagine that you’re holding a fistful of red balloons by their long, white strings. Next, picture yourself writing your worries on each one. You write about health, your career, and finding love. Finally, take a deep breath and envision yourself releasing each balloon. When you open your eyes, burn organic white sage to complete your relaxation ritual. Notice how your mind and body feel lighter.

6. Treat Yourself to a New Piece of Jewelry

You don’t have to wait for someone else to buy you jewelry! You know which metals complement your skin’s undertones the best, which stones hold significant meaning to you, and which shapes mesh with your unique personality. Goodbye, predictable heart-shaped necklace. Hello, bright red galaxy plugs and ear tapers. Happy Valentine’s Day to: Me, from: Me.

7. Make Some Extra Cash by Babysitting

Maybe you don’t have any dinner plans, but lots of couples do. By offering to babysit, you’re giving a lucky couple the chance to enjoy a worry-free date night. Plus, you’re earning some easy money. Everyone wins (as long as the kid is cool, of course).

8. Refresh Your Environment

Get a head start on spring cleaning! Your living space is a reflection of you, and you are always evolving. Take some time to purge things that no longer serve you. Gather up old clothes to be donated, invest in new bedding, and swap out old wall art for new pieces that make you smile like this yoga-inspired tapestry. Valentine’s Day is about compassion, and keeping your environment fresh is a great way to show yourself some love.

9. Try a New Recipe

Who has time to follow a 20 step recipe? You do! Use this opportunity to try a recipe that you’d normally shy away from for fear of botching it (what’s up, Beef Wellington?). Read and follow each step carefully, and try to enjoy the creative process. Set your table, light your favorite candle, and savor every bite of your made-with-love meal.

10. Throw a Listening Party for One

Ready for some new tunes? Text a few friends and ask them to share their favorite songs, or check out our groovy Valentine’s Day playlist. Put on your cozy pants, line up your tracks, and get ready to listen! Put your phone down, seal up the snacks (for now), and just listen. Think about the lyrics. Think about the instrumental layers. Float away on a cloud of sound, high above the roses, chocolates, and heart-shaped balloons.